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How Long Should You Cold Plunge?

How Long Should You Cold Plunge?

Jillian Le |

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If you're looking for an easy and effective way to boost your health, consider trying cold water plunging. Cold plunging is a simple yet highly beneficial health practice that involves immersing yourself in cold water for a few minutes.

Despite the initial discomfort, cold plunging is a popular practice worldwide, supported by numerous studies highlighting its countless health benefits. In this blog post, we will explore what cold plunging is, its potential benefits, and provide tips to help you get started on this invigorating journey. Don't miss out on this opportunity to optimize your health and well-being!

Introduction to cold plunge

What is cold plunge?

Cold plunging is a practice where you intentionally immerse yourself in a frigid body of water for a specific duration, usually ranging from thirty seconds to three minutes. This invigorating experience can be achieved by taking a daring leap into an ice bath, submerging in a brisk lake, or embracing a chilling cold shower. The primary objective is to subject your body to a momentary shock of icy water, which, unless you are already acclimated, may initially induce discomfort. However, this temporary discomfort is believed to offer numerous benefits for physical and mental well-being.

Cold plunging is basically a type of cold therapy, also called cryotherapy. The whole idea behind this wellness trend is to tap into the physiological reactions triggered by cold temperatures. When you expose your body to cold, it goes through a bunch of changes, like blood vessels constricting, metabolism speeding up, and circulation improving. All these adaptations contribute to better health and wellness.

That immediate discomfort you feel when you jump into cold water? It's your body's way of preserving heat in response to the sudden temperature change. But guess what? It's this very response that brings about all the amazing benefits that cold plunging enthusiasts rave about. Sure, it can be tough at first, but as you get used to the cold exposure, it becomes easier to handle. Whether you're a seasoned cold plunger or just starting out, the key is to keep at it consistently. Trust me, the more you practice, the more you'll notice the awesome benefits!

Cold Plunge Benefits

Cold plunging has countless benefits on both your physical and mental health:

  • Burns fat - Exposing yourself to cold temperatures can increase the amount of brown fat in your body, leading to improved calorie burning and metabolic efficiency. Discover the benefits of cold exposure for boosting your metabolism and burning calories.
  • Increases Immunity - Cold plunging has been shown to enhance your immune system by increasing white blood cell count and cytokine levels. This natural boost to immunity can help reduce inflammation and combat diseases. Incorporating cold plunging into your routine may have beneficial effects on your overall health and well-being.
  • Boosts mood and Energy- Cold plunging offers an invigorating experience that triggers the release of dopamine and endorphins. This natural mood and energy enhancer provides an immediate and long-lasting throughout the day. Discover the benefits of cold plunging and elevate your well-being with this refreshing practice.
  • Improves Sleep - Research indicates that individuals who regularly engage in cold plunges experience improved deep sleep compared to those who do not. Discover the benefits of cold plunges for better sleep quality.

Important Factors to Consider

  • Individual tolerance to cold - Everyone has a unique physical response to cold temperatures. Some individuals may be able to withstand prolonged exposure to cold water, while others may experience discomfort more quickly. It's important to listen to your body and gradually increase your time in cold water as your tolerance improves.
  • Purpose or goal of the cold plunge - Your reasons for cold plunging can guide the duration and frequency of your sessions. If you're using cold plunging for recovery from intense physical activity, you may need longer or more frequent sessions compared to someone using it for general well-being or mental clarity.
  • External factors like ambient temperature - The surrounding environmental conditions can influence the effects of your cold plunge. In colder climates, your body may react more intensely to cold water, shortening the safe duration of your plunge. On the other hand, in warmer climates, a cold plunge may feel more refreshing and can safely be endured for a longer period.
  • Health conditions or contraindications - Not everyone is suited to cold plunging. If you have certain health conditions such as heart disease, Raynaud's disease, or circulatory problems, you should consult a healthcare professional before beginning a cold plunge regimen. Potential risks can be minimized by ensuring you are in good health and suited to cold water immersion.

Taking these factors into account is crucial in determining the appropriate duration for a cold plunge. It ensures that you can tailor the experience to your specific needs and maximize the benefits while minimizing any potential risks.

Tips and Tricks

  • Start small and gradually increase the duration of cold plunging.
  • Begin with a cold shower, plunge pool, or ice pack on your forehead.
  • Progress to full ice baths.
  • Have someone nearby when starting out.
  • Remember that nothing detrimental can happen to you in cold water.

    Where to get a Cold Plunge

    If you are considering going all the way to find a "cold plunge near me", gyms or spas where you live should offer cold-plunging facilities. Today, there are numerous fitness spas and studios that offer cold plunge therapy underwater, making it widely accessible.

    While going to a gym or spa provides the benefit of a live cold plunge experience, gaining access to cold plunge therapy online brings its own unique advantages.

    1. Convenience and Comfort - With online platforms offering cold plunge therapy, you can enjoy this beneficial practice in the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for travel. This means you can incorporate it into your daily routine with greater ease, making it effortless to maintain consistency.
    2. Guided Sessions - Online platforms often provide guided sessions led by experts, ensuring that you are doing it properly, thereby maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risk of injuries.
    3. Affordability - Online cold-plunge therapies can often be more affordable than physical gyms or spas, and may include additional resources such as instructional videos, expert consultations, and supportive communities.

    So, while traditional cold plunge facilities offer an immersive experience, online platforms make this therapy accessible, convenient, and cost-effective, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of cold plunging no matter your location or schedule.

    Our Top Cold Plunge Tubs (Ranked)

    ColdLife (Best Overall)

    At ZiahCare, we prioritize wellness, functionality, and durability. That's why we've chosen the ColdLife Plunge Bundle as our best overall cold plunge. Boasting a customizable temperature range, top-tier filtration, and an oxygen-boosting ozone system, it offers unparalleled recovery and relaxation options. Its compact yet powerful design, crafted with American excellence, ensures that the ColdLife Plunge is not only versatile for any space but also a lasting investment in health. Plus, with its added features like LED lighting and a mobile chiller, it effortlessly stands out as a leader in its class. Join us in celebrating the perfect blend of wellness and innovation with ColdLife.

    TruGrit (Most Affordable)

    We've chosen the TruGrit Portable Ice Bath Tub as our "Most Affordable" pick not just for its price point, but also for its unparalleled combination of mobility and effectiveness. The TruGrit delivers therapeutic cold plunge benefits seamlessly, whether you're at home or on the move. Its innovative inflatable design, crafted from durable materials, guarantees not just longevity but also convenience. Inflating quickly within 2-5 minutes and deflating in a mere 2 minutes, it embodies efficiency. Paired with the tailored TruGrit Rubber Floor Mat, the tub ensures both protection and durability. Plus, its compact nature, which lets it fit snugly into a custom backpack, makes it a standout choice for those who need cold therapy without being tied down. With TruGrit, quality meets affordability in the best way possible.

    Dundalk (Coolest Design)

    The Polar Plunge Wood Ice Bath Tub stands out as our pick for the "Coolest Design" because it seamlessly marries function with aesthetics. The meticulously handcrafted white cedar skirt embodies elegance, while the robust aluminum shell promises longevity. More than just a cold plunge therapy tub, it's a statement piece. The generous 190-gallon water capacity offers ample space for immersive therapy sessions, ensuring optimal benefits. Thoughtful details, such as the optional roll-up cover, guarantee pristine water, and the user-friendly drain system demonstrates practicality with a touch of sophistication. The tub's angled sides don’t just enhance the design but also simplify the user experience, making entry and exit effortlessly smooth. In the realm of ice bath tubs, the Polar Plunge isn’t just a product – it's a design masterpiece.


    Cold Plunging is an inexpensive, simple and effective way to boost your health significantly. Although it may be uncomfortable at first, regular cold plunging has numerous health benefits that can improve your overall wellbeing. Start small and with continuous and consistent practice, your body will adapt, and the benefits will become more evident. So, dive into a new and improved you, start cold plunging today!