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1Love Health Policies

First 30 Days:

Return for any reason. Customer is responsible for return shipping cost. We offer discounted shipping, so just ask and we’ll send you a label. If the item shows clear signs of use/abuse, it may be subject to a restocking fee. For returns due to defect, please see our “First 60 Days” policy.

First 60 Days:

If you suspect the product is defective and our support team is unable to troubleshoot your issue, you may return the product for a full refund. We will issue a prepaid mailing label for return shipping. We also offer replacement parts at no cost to you.

60 Days To 1 Year:

No returns will be accepted after 60 days, but we’re here to help. We will provide replacement parts or a replacement unit at no cost to you. We pay for all shipping cost. We stand by the quality of our saunas, and we offer Loving Lifetime Support.

Please contact for more information.