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Discover how our infrared saunas and cold plunges can revolutionize your members' wellness experience, drive more revenue, and set your brand apart from nearby competitors.


Purchasing this sauna for our wellness center was one of the best decisions we've made. It not only provides a quick, warm embrace but also offers substantial health benefits, such as pain relief and energy boost, that our customers have talked about a lot since we first installed it.

Ivan R.

Atlanta, GA

I’ve been using the sauna at my new center for a few months now, and it’s honestly made a huge difference for my clientele base. At one point I was worried I was going to close down, but decided last ditch effort I would buy the sauna and see what happens. I now am about to buy a second home so I can honestly say great decision.

Elijah T.

Duluth, MN

We added this sauna to our spa, and it's been nothing short of a revelation as how we function. We are trying to scale up fast and having this as a feature in our salon has really upped our influx of clients. We love how easy it is to use and explain to clients.

Emma G.

San Diego, CA

Heard a lot of great feedback about the skin rejuvention from using this sauna from clients and decided to try it myself. Love it and really do see difference after couple of sessions after hours. I feel a bit more relaxed but also sametime more energized? Honestly incredible and only complaint is it took too long for me to find out I love a sauna.

Ethan C.

Burlington, VT

This sauna has become the go-to spot for post-workout relaxation at our gym. The feedback on its benefits for recovery has been overwhelmingly positive and thinking of buying the next one up in the collection next time.

Makena H.

Missoula, MT

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why invest into hot & cold therapy?

  • Gain a Competitive Edge

    As one of the only businesses in your area offering these unique solutions, you'll set yourself apart from nearby competitors.

  • Explore New Markets

    Enables you to expand your customer base, reaching beyond your traditional market.

  • Increase Member Retention

    Provides you with an advantage over larger franchises that don't offer these solutions.

  • Generate More Revenue

    These solutions represent a valuable asset that can drive more revenue for your business.

  • Stay Ahead Of The Curve

    The demand for these solutions are increasing daily due to their amazing health benefits.

  • Thrive All Year Round

    These solutions will allow your business to thrive regardless of weather conditions.

Low operation costs

Infrared saunas and cold plunges are not only beneficial for your members' health and wellbeing but are also remarkably cost-effective to operate. Their energy-efficient design ensures minimal electricity usage, leading to significantly lower operating costs compared to other solutions. This efficiency translates into substantial long-term savings for your business, making them a smart financial choice for any gym, wellness center, yoga studio, medical facility, etc.

Extremely High Demand

The rising trend in wellness and self-care has skyrocketed the demand for products like Infrared Saunas and Cold Plunges. These amenities are increasingly sought after by health-conscious individuals looking for advanced recovery and relaxation methods. By offering these solutions as an addition to your current equipment, your business can attract a wider customer base, cater to the growing market for holistic wellness, and gain a competitive advantage over other businesses in your area.

Seamless Integration

Incorporating infrared saunas and cold plunges into your existing setup is super simple. Their modern, compact designs allow for easy installation in various spaces without the need for extensive renovations. Moreover, they complement a wide range of health and fitness routines, enhancing your current offerings and providing your clients with a more holistic and enriched wellness experience.


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Our primary focus is to deliver personalized solutions that align perfectly with your needs and budget. By fostering a close relationship and understanding your unique requirements, we ensure a seamless and transparent process, making every detail clear and straightforward. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're dedicated to exceeding your expectations in every possible way we can.


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Infrared Saunas and Cold Plunges are extremely space-efficient. Check out some of our 3D floor plans showcasing the exact size and dimensions of what our infrared saunas would look like in different settings.

an investment worth considering

It's evident that holistic wellness is the future, and ZiahCare is here to become a reliable partner in helping your business make this transition. Take our short 1-2 minute questionnaire below and one of our team members will be in touch within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Infrared Saunas

What are electric requirements?

The great thing about infrared saunas is that they are extremely energy efficient, heating up faster than traditional saunas at lower temperatures. This efficient operation results in lower electricity usage, making them cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

  • Our smaller, commercial (1-2 person capacity) Infrared Saunas only require 120V and 15A or 20A with a NEMA 5-15 or NEMA 5-20 plug respectfully (Standard household plug). For our 3-5 person models, a dedicated circuit breaker is highly recommended of at least 25A.
  • All our larger, commercial (6+ person capacity) Infrared Saunas require either 120V, 30A, and a NEMA 5-20 plug or 240V, 30A, and a NEMA 6-20 plug. A dedicated circuit breaker of at least 40A is necessary for these.

If this sounds confusing, please do not worry! Depending on the sauna you choose, we will help guide you through the entire process and ensure that you get everything set up correctly.

If you have any questions regarding electrical requirements about about a particular model, be sure to contact us at or reach out to your personal support representative.

How much space is required?

The space required for an infrared sauna depends on the model and capacity. Below are estimates of the space needed for an infrared sauna depending on its size.

1-2 Person: 3ft x 3 ft - 4ft x 4ft
3-4 Person: 5ft x 5ft - 6ft x 6ft
5-6 Person: 7ft x 7ft - 9ft x 9ft
7-8 Person: 10ft x 10ft - 12ft x 12ft

In addition to the base footprint, consider a 7-foot ceiling for optimal heat circulation, space for safe heater operation (at least 1-foot clearance), and proper ventilation. Also, factor in room for the door to swing open.

Local rules about building, health, and safety, especially if you’re in the United States, say that everyone should be able to get out quickly in an emergency, and that includes people with disabilities. So, your sauna space must be big enough and set up to allow for this.

We also have corner saunas that are extremely space efficient. These are 3-4 person models and are recommended if space is a major concern.

Overall, infrared saunas may not take up as much space as you may think. We have options for every need. Please feel free to let us know your situation and we will help you find the best possible solution.

How does installation work?

Installing an infrared sauna is simple due to its clamp-together design. Most models don't require professional installation or special tools, allowing for quick assembly.

The pre-made panels easily fit together, enabling you to set up and use the sauna on the same day it's unboxed. All of our infrared saunas come with assembly instructions.

What is the maintenance like?

Infrared saunas offer a hassle-free operation without the need for hot rocks, water, or steam, making the maintenance super easy and straight-forward. A simple wipe-down using a damp, soft cloth is all that’s necessary to keep it in pristine condition. (We recommend wiping down the sauna before and after use to be safe. Also, using a towel is highly recommended).

Some other things to consider:

  • Use a mild natural cleaner for a thorough cleaning periodically. Avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Place towels where you sit or lie to absorb sweat and body oils, reducing direct contact with the sauna surfaces.
  • Leave the door slightly open after use to let moisture evaporate and fresh air circulate.
  • Regularly check the sauna's wood, electrical components, and any fittings for any damage or wear.

Cold Plunges

How long does it take for the water to cool down and heat up?

Using a Water Chiller, the time it takes for the water to cool down or heat up depends on the ambient temperature. Generally, it will take about 2-3 hours to reach your desired temperature.

How often do I need to change the water?

The frequency of water exchange varies based on the model, ranging from every 3 weeks to 6 months. For details specific to your model, please contact us for more information.

What is a water chiller and why is it recommended for commercial use?

A water chiller is a device used to lower the temperature of water, maintaining it at a consistent, cold temperature. It's recommended for commercial due to several reasons:

Consistent Temperature Control:

Chillers can maintain a precise and steady temperature, which is crucial for therapeutic or recreational settings where specific temperature ranges are required. Ice, on the other hand, can lead to fluctuating temperatures as it melts.

Cost-Effectiveness in the Long Term:

While the initial investment for a chiller might be higher, it can be more cost-effective over time. Using ice regularly involves ongoing expenses and labor.

Safety and Hygiene:

Chillers offer a cleaner solution as they don’t introduce any foreign substances into the water. With ice, there's always a risk of contamination or the introduction of impurities.

Reduced Maintenance:

Using a chiller reduces the need for frequent water changes and maintenance, which is often required when using ice due to melting and potential water contamination.

Space Efficiency:

A chiller is a one-time setup that doesn’t require storage space for ice, which can be significant in commercial settings.


Do you offer financing options?

Yes, we offer financing options through partnerships with Klarna and Affirm. These companies provide flexible payment solutions that can make purchases more manageable for you. Here are some benefits of using Klarna and Affirm for financing:


  • Buy Now, Pay Later: Klarna allows you to make a purchase immediately and spread the cost over time. This can be particularly useful for larger purchases.
  • Payment Flexibility: You can choose between various payment plans, including paying in installments, which can help you budget more effectively.
  • No Hidden Fees: Klarna is transparent about its fees. There are no hidden charges, so you know exactly what you're paying.


  • Customizable Payment Plans: Affirm offers personalized payment plans, allowing you to select a schedule that fits your financial situation.
  • Transparent Pricing: Like Klarna, Affirm is upfront about costs. You won’t face any surprises like late fees or hidden charges.
  • Quick and Easy: The application process is straightforward, and you get an instant decision, helping you to make purchases without delay.

Both Klarna and Affirm aim to provide a seamless and stress-free financing experience, making them excellent choices for spreading out the cost of your purchases.

What is the fulfillment process?

Our fulfillment process is designed to provide you with personalized and attentive service every step of the way. Here's how it works:

  1. Personal Customer Support Representative: After placing your order, a dedicated customer support representative will be assigned to you. They will personally get in touch to confirm your order details, ensuring that everything is correct and to your satisfaction. This representative will be available throughout the entire process to answer any questions or address concerns you might have.
  2. Order Processing: Once your order is confirmed, we begin the processing phase. This stage typically takes about 3-5 business days. During this time, we meticulously prepare your order and ensure that all aspects of your product are ready for shipment. We also provide you with all necessary information regarding your product to guarantee a successful experience.
  3. Shipping Information: After your order is processed, we will provide you with detailed shipping information. This includes tracking details so you can monitor your order's journey to your doorstep.
  4. Post-Delivery Follow-up: Finally, after your order has been delivered, we don't just stop there. We'll follow up with you to ensure that everything arrived as expected and that you're completely satisfied with your purchase.

Throughout this process, your personal customer support representative will be there to guide you, ensuring a smooth and pleasant experience from start to finish.

Do businesses get discounts?

Yes, businesses receive exclusive perks and discounts. We value our partners and offer tailored benefits to meet their unique needs, including special pricing and additional services designed to enhance their experience and satisfaction.

How can I contact you?

If you already have a personal customer support representative, feel free to contact them directly for dedicated assistance. Alternatively, you can send us an email at, and our team will be happy to help you with your inquiries.

Why is cold plunging & sauna bathing so popular?

Cold plunging and sauna bathing have gained popularity for several reasons, primarily due to their health and wellness benefits:

  • Mental Health Benefits: Both practices are known to reduce stress and improve mental well-being. Cold plunges can invigorate and energize, while sauna bathing can promote relaxation and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.
  • Physical Health Benefits: Cold plunging is said to boost the immune system, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation. Sauna bathing can also improve cardiovascular health, aid in muscle recovery, and promote detoxification through sweating.
  • Improved Sleep: Regular use of saunas and cold plunges can improve sleep quality. The heat from a sauna can relax muscles and relieve tension, while the shock of cold water can reset the body’s internal clock, aiding in better sleep patterns.
  • Enhanced Recovery: Athletes and fitness enthusiasts often use cold plunges and saunas to speed up recovery after intense workouts. Cold water helps reduce muscle soreness and inflammation, while heat from saunas can relax muscles and improve blood flow.
  • Cultural and Social Aspects: These practices have deep cultural roots in many societies, such as the Finnish sauna tradition. They also offer a social aspect, as people often partake in these activities in groups, creating a communal experience.
  • Wellness Trends: The growing focus on self-care and holistic wellness has further boosted the popularity of cold plunging and sauna bathing. They are often featured in wellness retreats, spas, and lifestyle guides, appealing to people seeking natural ways to improve health and well-being.

These benefits, combined with increased media attention and endorsements from health experts and celebrities, have contributed to the rising popularity of cold plunging and sauna bathing in health and wellness communities.

Who is my personal customer support representative?

You will be assigned a personal customer support representative as soon as you request pricing and complete our short questionnaire.

I'm not sure what I want, can you help me?

Yes, we can definitely help you. Once you request pricing and fill out our short questionnaire, our team will work on providing personalized recommendations tailored to your needs and business. This process ensures that we understand your preferences and requirements, allowing us to offer the most suitable solutions for you.