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Mr. Steam Policies

How to Register your Mr. Steam Product Warranty

To register your Mr. Steam product:

  1. Fill out the form on this page.
  2. You will receive a confirmation upon successful submission.

For a copy of your product's warranty, select the appropriate category from the list below:

Residential Steambath Warranty Overview

Mr. Steam, also known as "I Feel Good, Inc.," offers a comprehensive warranty for its Residential Steambath Generators. With offices located at 43-20 34th Street, Long Island City, NY 11101 on the East Coast (contact via 1-800-76-STEAM) and 9410 S. La Cienega Blvd., Inglewood CA 90301 on the West Coast (contact via 1-800-72-STEAM), the company is committed to the quality and longevity of their products.

The warranty guarantees that MrSteam's Residential Steambath Generators will be devoid of material and workmanship defects for their entire lifespan. Should any defect arise, the company promises to repair or replace the problematic generator. For those customers who encounter issues within the first two years following their purchase, MrSteam offers a complimentary in-home service, covering both parts and labor. If a claim is made after these initial two years, the warranty shifts to cover only part replacements. Any returns will require an RMA (Return Authorization Number), and the company will bear the shipping costs for genuine defects. However, should a defect fall outside of the warranty's scope, all related costs would be the responsibility of the claimant.

It's crucial for customers to be aware of the exclusions in the warranty. These include damage from non-residential use, lightning or electrical disturbances, local water conditions, improper installation or operation, or purchases made from unauthorized online sellers. This warranty is exclusively valid for generators that were purchased after January 1, 2012, and installed either in the USA or Canada. While the warranty primarily covers the generator itself, MrSteam offers separate warranties for controls and accessories.

Lastly, this is defined as a limited lifetime warranty for MrSteam Residential Steambath Generators specifically installed in the USA or Canada. The warranty stands as a testament to the company's confidence in their products, replacing other implied warranties and defining the boundaries of MrSteam's liability. However, customers should always be informed about their local state laws as they might possess additional rights that supersede the mentioned terms.

Residential Steambath Controls & Accessories Warranty Overview

The company stands firmly behind the quality of its Residential Steambath Controls and Accessories. This includes an extensive range of products like iTempo™, Tempo/Plus™, iSteam®, AudioWizard™, and many more. They guarantee that these products, when installed in the USA or Canada, are free from material or workmanship defects for a period of two years from the original purchase date. Should any customer encounter a defect within this timeframe, Mr. Steam commits to either repair or replace the affected product at their discretion. To benefit from this warranty service, the defective product must be returned to the specified Mr. Steam location within the said two-year period.

A few critical exclusions from this warranty are worth noting:

  1. Products used in non-residential settings.
  2. Damage caused by local water conditions.
  3. Improper installation or operation not adhering to the Mr. Steam Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual.

This warranty is exclusively applicable to products purchased after January 1, 2013, and only covers the cost of repair or replacement. It doesn't account for removal, reinstallation, or freight charges, the latter of which must always be pre-approved by Mr. Steam.

It's also essential to understand the warranty's boundaries. While it replaces any other implied warranties, it does have its limits in terms of duration and liability. Any implied warranty, such as merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, doesn't exceed one year. Moreover, Mr. Steam is not responsible for any special, incidental, or consequential damages stemming from product ownership or use, or for any delays in warranty obligations due to unforeseen reasons. Always be aware of local state laws, as they might offer additional or different rights from the mentioned terms. In essence, this document underscores the limited warranty Mr. Steam provides for its Residential Steambath Controls and Accessories within the USA and Canada.

Steam@Home® Residential Steambath Generators Warranty Overview

For their Steam@Home® Residential Steambath Generators, Mr. Steam offers a limited one-year warranty for units installed in the United States and Canada. They guarantee that these generators will be free from material and workmanship defects. In case of any defect within this period, the company will either repair or replace the generator at their discretion.

Breaking down the warranty period:

  • Within 90 days of purchase: Should a defect arise within this timeframe, Mr. Steam provides complimentary in-home warranty service, covering both parts and labor.
  • Within 1 year of purchase: If issues are identified after the initial 90 days but within the first year, the warranty will cover parts.
To claim warranty benefits, the generator needs to be returned to Mr. Steam. A crucial step in this process is obtaining an RMA (Return Authorization Number), which must be prominently displayed on the return packaging. If the warranty claim is verified, Mr. Steam will bear the shipping costs for the generator to and from the customer. However, any expenses related to the generator's removal or reinstallation are not covered.

It's important to note that if Mr. Steam determines that the defect isn't covered by the warranty, the claimant will be responsible for all associated costs, including in-home services, repairs, replacements, and all shipping charges.


  1. Generators used in non-residential environments.
  2. Damage from local water conditions.
  3. Generators not installed or operated following the guidelines from Mr. Steam's Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual.

This warranty replaces all other explicit or implied warranties and is limited in its scope. The duration of any implied warranties, including but not limited to merchantability and fitness for a specific use, is capped at one year. Mr. Steam's liability does not extend to any special, incidental, or consequential damages due to product ownership or use or any delays in warranty service due to unforeseen circumstances. As always, customers should be aware of their local state laws, as they might have rights that go beyond the terms mentioned in this warranty.

Mr. Steam® Towel Warmers Limited Warranty Overview

For its range of products, Mr. Steam® offers specific warranties. Their towel warmers come with a two-year limited warranty. This warranty ensures that the towel warmers are free from any defects in both materials and workmanship. If any defects arise within this period, the company commits to either repairing or replacing the affected product without any charges.

In addition to the towel warmers, Mr. Steam® provides warranties for operating controls and accessories. The electronic timer, an essential component of the towel warmer, is covered by a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. On the other hand, accessories like the robe hook and towel bar enjoy a two-year warranty from the purchase date. If any of these products show defects within their respective warranty periods, Mr. Steam® promises to either repair or replace them without any charges, provided they are returned to a location specified by the company.

However, like all warranties, there are specific terms, conditions, and exclusions that consumers must be aware of. Firstly, this warranty is strictly non-transferable and is only valid for the original purchaser. Products that are sold in "as is" condition or those with evident damages at the time of purchase are not covered. The warranty also does not entertain claims arising from damages caused by abrasive cleaners, unauthorized servicing, misuse, or events beyond Mr. Steam's control, such as natural disasters. It is of paramount importance for consumers to adhere to the provided installation, operation, and maintenance instructions. Any deviation or use of unauthorized parts will result in the automatic voiding of the warranty.

For those looking to make a warranty claim, there's a protocol to follow. A Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number is a prerequisite for any returns. This number should be clearly displayed on all correspondence and packages related to the claim. Moreover, the original purchase proof, which includes the model and serial numbers, is a must for all claims. If, upon inspection, Mr. Steam® determines that a product is not covered by the warranty, any subsequent repairs or returns will be borne by the purchaser.

In closing, this warranty is only valid for products purchased and used in the USA and Canada. Mr. Steam® explicitly states that they offer no other warranties beyond what's mentioned, and they do not take on any additional obligations or liabilities. Any implied warranties, including those of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are capped at a two-year duration. Under no circumstances will Mr. Steam® be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the use of their products. While this warranty offers specific legal rights, consumers may also have other rights based on their state of residence.

CT Series Day Spa Steambath Limited Warranty Overview

Mr. Steam® extends a one-year limited warranty on its CT Series Day Spa steam bath products and accessories, referred to as CT Products. This warranty covers products installed within the United States or Canada, ensuring them against any defects in materials and workmanship from the date of the company's invoice to the purchaser. If any CT Product fails to meet the standards set by this warranty, Mr. Steam® commits to either repairing or replacing it, provided it's returned to a specified location within the warranty period.

However, as with most warranties, there are terms, conditions, and exclusions to note:

  • This warranty is exclusively for the original purchaser and is non-transferable. CT Products sold "as is" or those with visible damages are exempted from this warranty.
  • Damages or defects resulting from unauthorized servicing, mishandling, modifications by unauthorized personnel, or factors beyond Mr. Steam's control, such as natural calamities, are not covered.
  • Adherence to installation, operation, and maintenance instructions is crucial.
  • Failing to follow them or using unauthorized parts will nullify the warranty.
  • Users must ensure that CT Products are suitable for their needs. Expendable parts, which might need replacement during normal operation, are not included in this warranty. Additionally, costs related to the removal or reinstallation of any CT Product are not covered.

For those wishing to claim the warranty, the process entails obtaining a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number, which should be displayed prominently on all related correspondence. To obtain an RMA, you can call either the East Coast or West Coast office depending on your location. The original purchaser bears all shipping costs, and all returns must come with proof of purchase that indicates the model and serial numbers. After examining the returns, should Mr. Steam® decide that the defect is not covered under the warranty, any subsequent repairs or returns will be at the cost of the original purchaser.

In conclusion, while this warranty offers a specific set of legal rights, there are no additional warranties, either expressed or implied, beyond what is mentioned here. Any implied warranties, like those of merchantability, are limited to a one-year duration. Mr. Steam® does not assume any additional obligations and disclaims any liability for consequential damages due to the use of their products. The validity of some of these conditions may vary depending on the state, so consumers might have additional rights based on their specific location.

Commercial CU Series Steambath Limited Warranty Overview

The heart of their offer lies in the limited warranty they provide for their commercial steambath CU series products and accessories (collectively referred to as CU Products). When installed in the United States or Canada, these CU Products come with a guarantee of being free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of the company's invoice to the purchaser.

Additionally, Mr. Steam® offers a special warranty for the ASME Pressure Vessel contained in its CU Products. They warrant it against defects for a period of five years from the invoice date. If any CU Product or the ASME Pressure Vessel doesn't meet the specified standards, Mr. Steam® pledges to either repair or replace it. The replacement or repair comes at no charge if the CU Product is returned to a specified location within the stipulated warranty duration.

However, potential buyers should be aware of certain terms, conditions, and exclusions:

  • The warranty is strictly non-transferable and is only applicable to the original purchaser. Display items, products sold "as is", or those with evident damages are exempt from this warranty.
  • Factors outside Mr. Steam's control, including but not limited to unauthorized repairs, damages during transit, local water conditions, misuse, natural disasters, etc., can nullify the warranty. Adherence to the company's instructions regarding installation, operation, and maintenance is paramount. Non-compliance or using unauthorized parts can void the warranty.
  • Users are responsible for ensuring CU Products meet their needs. Expendable parts, naturally worn out during regular operations, aren't covered. Moreover, costs associated with the product's removal or reinstallation aren't included in the warranty.

To process any warranty claims, the original purchaser must obtain a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) and display it prominently on all correspondence. Without an RMA, returns won't be entertained. All returned CU Products should have freight charges prepaid and come with an original sales receipt that specifies the model and serial numbers. Any costs incurred outside of the designated location specified by the RMA won't be covered. After a thorough examination, if Mr. Steam® deems the defect as non-warranted, any subsequent repairs or returns will be at the purchaser's expense.

Conclusively, while this warranty provides specific legal rights, no other warranties - implied or express - extend beyond the ones mentioned here. Limitations may vary based on state laws. The company is not liable for any consequential damages arising from the use of their products, and the duration of any implied warranties does not exceed one year. Consumers might have additional rights that vary across states.