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Dynamic  |  SKU: DYN-RR-SAU-011

Dynamic Llumeneres 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

$3,999.00 USD


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Experience the perfect blend of luxury and wellness with the Dynamic Llumeneres 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna. Built using premium natural hemlock wood, this sauna boasts Carbon PureTech™ Ultra Low EMF Heating Panels for efficient warmth.

Indulge in immersive relaxation with a Bluetooth and MP3 connection, while the chromotherapy and exterior accent lighting set the mood. The user-friendly interior LED control panel, combined with a sturdy clasp-together assembly and elegant tempered glass door, encapsulates modern design and function. Transform your space into a spa-like haven with the Llumeneres, where serenity meets sophistication.

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Did you know?

Far infrared saunas are recognized by health practitioners worldwide as perhaps the most effective method of removing both chemical and heavy metal toxins from the body.

man and woman putting together golden designs sauna
usa flag North America’s largest supplier of Infrared Saunas
Dynamic Llumeneres 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

Easy assembly

With its effortless clamp on design, this sauna is very easy to set up. All of the parts come pre-assembled making it one of the most user-friendly saunas in the world.

Dynamic Llumeneres 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

Very little maintenance required

This infrared sauna does not require hot rocks, water, or steam to operate, making it very easy to clean and maintain. You can simply wipe it down with water and a soft cloth.

  • Relieves Stress

    Relieves Stress

    Infrared saunas help in stress relief by stimulating the release of serotonin and reducing cortisol levels in the body.

  • Improves Recovery

    Improves Recovery

    Infrared saunas aid in enhancing muscle recovery by promoting circulation and reducing inflammation.

  • Pain Relief

    Pain Relief

    Infrared saunas penetrate deep into tissues, increasing circulation and alleviating pain by reducing inflammation and muscle tension.

  • Burns Calories

    Burns Calories

    Infrared saunas boost metabolism and induce sweating, leading to calorie burn similar to that experienced during mild exercise.

  • Detoxification


    Infrared saunas enhance detoxification by promoting deep sweat production, which helps expel toxins from the body.

  • Lower Blood Pressure

    Lower Blood Pressure

    Infrared saunas promote vasodilation, increasing circulation and thereby aiding in the reduction of blood pressure.

Dynamic Llumeneres 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

built to last a lifetime

Imagine waking up every morning and having a place to unwind, detoxify, and become one with yourself. This sauna brings nature to your home with a 100% natural reforested wooden construction, ensuring every breath is free of harsh chemicals and contaminants.

Included Features

  • Bluetooth & Auxiliary Speakers

    Bluetooth & Auxiliary Speakers

  • 140°F Max Temperature

    140°F Max Temperature

  • Plug & Play

    Plug & Play

  • Inside Lights

    Inside Lights

  • Double Pane Tempered Glass

    Tempered Glass

  • Low EMF

  • Adjustable Vent

    Vented Roof

  • Digital Touchscreen

    Digital Touchscreen

Dynamic Llumeneres 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

get the break you deserve

This infrared sauna heats up to an impressive 140°F, allowing you to experience the full range of benefits infrared has to offer. Don't wait any longer, elevate your health and start living your life to its fullest potential.


Overall I’m very pleased. My opinion of the 2 person sauna based on quality and value is quite good, especially at the entry-level price point making this sauna affordable for my patients who I recommend it to.

Dr. Ingrid Kohlstadt MD, MPH

Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine | Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (Class of ’92) | Author & Editor of Advancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients (CRC Press)

Those are real, measurable improvements that I can bank on; I’m sold and will continue to use the sauna as an integral tool in my training. Unlike many other training modalities, It is also quite pleasant and provides a peaceful, meditative respite.

Andy Baxter

Medical Exercise Specialist | Author of Racing Yesterday and The Exercise Prescription

man and woman putting together a dynamic infrared sauna

product assembly

Check out this step-by-step tutorial detailing the sauna installation process; although the sauna model may differ, the assembly steps remain the same.

Dynamic Sauna Unpacking Video man and woman

How to unpack your sauna

Guide on how to unpack your sauna safely and efficiently.

delivery driver delivering a golden designs infrared sauna

How your sauna will be delivered

Please watch this video to know what to expect prior to delivery!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this sauna be installed outside?

No, this sauna is not designed for outdoor installation. Installing it outside could expose it to elements that might compromise its structure, functionality, and lifespan. Always ensure you follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installation to ensure the safety and longevity of the product.

Does this sauna need to be vented to the outside?

No, this sauna comes with a vent on the roof, eliminating the need for external venting. The built-in roof vent is designed to manage airflow and ensure proper circulation within the sauna. It helps in maintaining the desired temperature and humidity levels, providing an optimal sauna experience.

Does this sauna put moisture in the house?

No, this sauna does not put moisture in the house. Saunas are designed to produce heat, and while they can produce steam or moisture, a well-designed and properly functioning sauna should manage humidity levels effectively. This is especially true for infrared saunas, which heat the body directly without significantly raising the ambient humidity. If the sauna is correctly sealed and insulated, and if it's used according to the manufacturer's guidelines, there shouldn't be any noticeable increase in moisture within your home. Always ensure proper maintenance and periodic checks to ensure that the unit is working as intended and not releasing undue moisture.

Can it be stalled on carpet and against sheet rock?

Yes, this sauna can be installed on carpet and against sheet rock. Many modern saunas are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for installation in various home settings. However, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure safety and optimal performance. Always ensure that the area is dry and that there's adequate insulation to prevent any potential damage or hazards.

How hot does this sauna get & how long does it take to reach max temp?

The sauna operates ideally between 120°F to 130°F, with a maximum approximate temperature of 140°F. Here is the breakdown by time:

  • 20 minutes to reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 30 minutes to reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 40 minutes to reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 50 minutes to reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

This timeline provides a general idea of the heating rate, ensuring you can plan your sauna sessions accordingly.

What kind of wood is this sauna made of?

This sauna is crafted from Natural Reforested Canadian Hemlock. This type of wood is renowned for its durability, resistance to decay, and excellent insulating properties, making it ideal for sauna construction.

What is the EMF level of this sauna?

These EMF levels apply to all of our Dynamic, Maxxus, & Golden Designs saunas:

Low EMF: 6-10MG when measured 6 to 8 inches from the heating panels.

Ultra Low EMF: Under 3MG - 6 to 8 inches from the heating panels.

Near Zero EMF: Under 2MG when sitting 2 to 3 inches from the heating panel.

If I decide to move in the future. How hard is it to take apart and bring with?

If you decide to move in the future, the sauna is very easy to take apart and reassemble. Its design prioritizes user-friendliness, ensuring that disassembly and subsequent reassembly can be done without much hassle. Therefore, relocating it to a new place will not be hard, allowing you to continue enjoying your sauna sessions wherever you move.

What tools are required to assemble the sauna?

To assemble the sauna, you will need a Philips screwdriver and a ladder. Additionally, it's recommended to have two adults for the assembly process to ensure safety and ease of installation. With these tools and a bit of teamwork, the setup should be straightforward.

What is the difference between NEAR, MID and FAR Infrared and what is Full Spectrum?

FAR Infrared: Has the longest wavelength and dives deep into our fatty tissues, helping activate sweat glands which play a role in getting rid of body toxins.

MID Infrared: Targets body tissue to improve blood circulation, and can help in easing muscle and joint pain.

NEAR Infrared: Produces the most heat, operates at a lower micron level, and touches the skin's outermost layer. This can help in skin renewal, tissue growth, and reducing inflammation.

Full Spectrum: This combines all three — NEAR, MID, and FAR infrared. It gives you a full suite of benefits from improving blood circulation to sweating out harmful elements, contributing to overall well-being.

Can this unit be set up in my garage?

Yes, you can set up this infrared sauna in your garage. Ensure that the space is dry, free from direct exposure to the elements, and has a suitable power source. Setting it up in the garage can be an excellent way to save space inside your home while still enjoying the benefits of the sauna.

Does this sauna have Bluetooth?

Yes, this sauna does have Bluetooth capabilities. Additionally, it comes with an MP3 auxiliary connection and built-in speakers, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes or relaxation tracks while indulging in a sauna session.

What is the difference between Low and Ultra Low EMF infrared?

  • Both types have different levels of electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions.
  • Low EMF saunas have emissions below 3 milligauss (mG), which are still within safe limits.
  • Ultra-low EMF saunas go even lower, often below 1 mG, using advanced technologies.
  • So, with ultra-low EMF saunas, you get even less EMF exposure, making it an even safer choice.

How long does shipping take?

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Dynamic Llumeneres 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

Dynamic Llumeneres 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

$3,999.00 USD

Experience the perfect blend of luxury and wellness with the Dynamic Llumeneres 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna. Built using premium natural hemlock wood, this sauna boasts Carbon PureTech™ Ultra Low EMF Heating Panels for efficient warmth.

Indulge in immersive relaxation with a Bluetooth and MP3 connection, while the chromotherapy and exterior accent lighting set the mood. The user-friendly interior LED control panel, combined with a sturdy clasp-together assembly and elegant tempered glass door, encapsulates modern design and function. Transform your space into a spa-like haven with the Llumeneres, where serenity meets sophistication.

EMF Level

  • Ultra-Low (Under 3MG)
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