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Freeze Sleeve  |  SKU: FRE-RR-CTW-002-BS

Freeze Sleeve 360 Degree Cold & Hot Therapy Sleeve

$49.00 USD


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This revolutionary 360 Degree Cold & Hot Therapy Sleeve enhances the traditional cold/heat pack, offering user-friendly treatment to promote fast healing by effectively soothing aching muscles and joints.


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  • Simple & Easy-to-use

    Slips on easily, eliminating the need for messy ice bags, cumbersome ice wraps or multi-step products.

  • Comfortable Material

    Crafted with specially formulated antimicrobial gel that is non-toxic and odor free. Super soft and flexible materials allow full mobility while using.

  • Multi-Functional Design

    Formulated to help relieve pain in the legs, knees, ankles, forearms, elbows and wrists. Slip on to your targeted area for the ultimate hot or cold therapy experience.

Freeze it. Sleeve it. Relieve it.

Elevate your hot and cold therapy sessions.


This is a must if you’re an active person. I actively do indoor climbing and my elbow is super sore after climbing. I put the freeze sleeve on and wow it works wonders. I’m going to purchase one for my knee now.


Freeze Sleeve

We love these, my daughter had ACL repair and as she started to move more the compression and ice were comforting and allowed her to not be tied down.


Freeze Sleeve

Excellent product. I'm using it for my elbow after my massage therapist suggested buying it for my problem, and so far, it does its job.


Freeze Sleeve

This is great! I use it for my shoulder. I also have the knee sleeves and I’m very happy with both products. My doctor recommended them.


Flat Pak

I bought this to help with the swelling after rotator cuff surgery. The large size is perfect as it covers the entire shoulder.


Flat Pak

Frequently Asked Questions

What does cold compression therapy do?

The pairing of compression and cold treatments has been scientifically verified to outperform sole ice therapy. Cold treatment can ease pain and diminish swelling by limiting blood flow to the affected area. Simultaneously, compression lessens swelling and facilitates the therapeutic cold to penetrate more deeply and sustain its effects longer.

Is it okay to cold compress everyday?

Repeating the treatment every few hours as needed is perfectly acceptable. It's crucial to avoid applying ice directly to the skin. Additionally, caution should be taken to not leave a frozen cold compress on for an extended period. The Rand Eye Institute advises limiting the use of an iced compress to a maximum of 20 minutes to prevent frostbite.

What happens if you cold compress for too long?

Applying ice to an injury for an excessive duration—beyond 20 minutes—can lead to tissue damage, particularly in areas with poor blood circulation.

What is better heat or cold for inflammation?

Ice assists in decreasing inflammation and numbing pain, while heat aids in relaxing muscles and rigid joints. Heat promotes improved circulation and blood flow, whereas ice diminishes blood flow, thereby lessening inflammation and swelling. However, with the FreezeSleeve and Flat Pak, you can benefit from both.

How do I measure my body for the Freeze Sleeve?

The Freeze Sleeves provided are designed with interchangeability in mind, meaning they can be used interchangeably on both your arms and legs. In order to ensure the correct fit for your preferred treatment area, please make use of the Size Chart provided below.

Your Freeze Sleeve should be worn tight against the body part being treated. It is important to note that the purpose of the sleeve's compression is not to provide support but to secure the sleeve in place, facilitating mobile recovery. If your measurements fall in between two sizes, we suggest opting for the larger size. This ensures that you receive ample cold therapy along with the necessary compression.

To ensure you have all the details necessary for making the right decision, refer to the Size Chart and Measurement Guides. These resources will help you select the right size and use the Freeze Sleeve optimally.

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Freeze Sleeve

Freeze Sleeve 360 Degree Cold & Hot Therapy Sleeve

From $49.00 USD

This revolutionary 360 Degree Cold & Hot Therapy Sleeve enhances the traditional cold/heat pack, offering user-friendly treatment to promote fast healing by effectively soothing aching muscles and joints.




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