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Harvia  |  SKU: HAR-RR-SAU-034

Harvia Xenio LTY45 Power Extension Unit

$592.05 USD

Harvia Xenio LTY45 Power Extension Unit is used for the control of additional electric sauna heaters in large saunas. Works with Xenio CX30, Xenio CX45, and Xenio CX170 Control Units.


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The Harvia Xenio LTY45 Power Extension Unit is designed to manage additional electric sauna heaters in larger saunas. Utilizing the Xenio LTY45 Power Extension Unit allows for an extension of the maximum load range up to 38 kW, although the exact maximum load is determined by the type of control unit used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select the correct heater power?

The dimensions and structures of a sauna have a direct impact on the amount of heater power needed. On average, 1 kW of heating power is necessary for each cubic metre of the sauna's volume. However, this power demand goes up if the sauna incorporates elements like window surfaces or heat-storing materials such as brick, concrete, or substantial logs.

Each square metre of non-insulated surfaces like stone or glass enhances the heater power requirement equivalent to an increase of 1.2 cubic metres in the sauna room volume. If the internal walls of the sauna are built with non-insulated logs, this factor rises to 1.5.

If the heater is underpowered, it will require extended and more vigorous heating, which in turn shortens its lifespan.

How to select the correct heater control method?

When selecting an electric heater, you should pay attention to the control equipment and user comfort in addition to the visual look and heating power. Harvia heater models utilise three different control methods:

  • Fixed operating switches
  • External digital control panel
  • External control unit that takes care of the power input of the heater

The fixed, mechanical operating switches are placed on a side or at the top or the bottom of the heater.

If you wish to avoid bending down or your bench solution prevents manual access to the heater, you can select a heater model that is equipped with an external control panel or control unit. The external control panel can be installed in the dressing room, for example – it also shows the temperature of the sauna.

External control units are necessary for large heaters used in public facilities, but they are also well-suited for home use (consult your electrical engineer first)

Which control unit should I select for my electric sauna heater?

While external control units are essential for larger heaters in public facilities, they can also be effectively used in residential settings, provided the necessary electrical and sensor wiring is considered during the sauna design phase.

A wide variety of heaters designed for domestic use also come as what are known as E models. These models employ a control unit in place of traditional operating switches on the heater itself. This is particularly advantageous when the heater is integrated into a bench.

Where can I install a digital control panel for the heater?

The control panel, designed to be splash-proof and operating at low voltage, can be mounted in areas like the washroom, changing room, or even the living area. If it is to be installed within the sauna itself, it should be positioned no less than the minimum safety distance from the heater and should not exceed a height of one metre from the floor. As a safety precaution, ensure it is installed out of children's reach.

Where to install the temperature sensor?

The sensor must be placed exactly as prescribed in the instruction manual in order to ensure that the heater works correctly.

Please note! The supply air vent of the sauna must not be near the temperature sensor. The air stream near the vent will cool the sensor, resulting in the sensor sending erroneous temperature information to the control unit. This may cause the heater to overheat. Minimum distance between the supply air vent and the temperature sensor:

  • non-directional vent: 1,000 mm
  • vent directed away from the sensor: 500 mm

If the minimum distance cannot be adhered to, the ventilation system must be altered.

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Xenio LTY45 Power Extension Unit Mockup

Harvia Xenio LTY45 Power Extension Unit

$592.05 USD

The Harvia Xenio LTY45 Power Extension Unit is designed to manage additional electric sauna heaters in larger saunas. Utilizing the Xenio LTY45 Power Extension Unit allows for an extension of the maximum load range up to 38 kW, although the exact maximum load is determined by the type of control unit used.

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