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HUUM  |  SKU: HUU-RR-SAU-004-6

HUUM HIVE Mini Series Electric Sauna Heater

$2,422.50 USD


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All HUUM products have a 5-Year limited warranty (excludes heating and glass elements).

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The HIVE Mini electric sauna heater is a compact version of the beloved HIVE heater, perfectly sized for smaller saunas. Its round design holds up to 170 kg of stones, delivering mild, lasting steam. Its durable stainless steel details assure quality and endurance. This heater proves size doesn't compromise performance, guaranteeing a top-tier sauna experience. Plus, it comes with a 5-year warranty and is controlled via a mobile app.

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closeup of huum sauna stones
generations of experience Environmentally-friendly award-winning design

HUUM app controls the sauna from a smartphone

The UKU sauna control system has won the most prestigious Red Dot product design award for its functionality and design. Simply download the HUUM app and bind the control system ID with your user account.

Quick FAQ's

What is the difference between UKU Local & UKU WiFi?

Different versions of the UKU control system exist, each differing only in their mode of operation, be it purely on-site use or also enabling remote control. The UKU Local version only allows users to heat the sauna and adjust essential features via the control panel that is fixed on the sauna room wall. Conversely, UKU WiFi extend their functionality to include support for the HUUM mobile app.

What is included in the UKU sauna control system set?

  • Sauna control panel (CLASSIC Black) (GLASS or WOOD sauna control panels can be purchased separately)
  • Main module (132 mm x 200 mm x 400 mm)
  • Temperature sensor
  • Door sensor
  • Cables for temperature and door sensors (5+5 m; 2 x 0.22 mm²)
  • Connection cable for the control panel (3 m; 4 x 0.34 mm²)

Where should the heater control panel be installed?

The sauna control panel should be placed outside the steam room, ideally next to the steam room's door at the user's eye level.

The main module, on the other hand, must be situated in a dry and easily accessible location. Installing the main module inside the steam room is discouraged - if a user chooses to do so, they bear the full responsibility for any consequences.

If you're setting up a UKU WiFi sauna control system, it's crucial to verify that an internet connection is accessible at the selected location for the main module.

Can the HUUM electric sauna heater be used without a remote control?

No, HUUM electric sauna heaters cannot be operated independently as they require a controller with a temperature adjustment function to function. They don't come with a built-in ON/OFF switch.

HIVE Mini Series Electric Sauna Heater

premium quality guaranteed

HUUM sauna heaters are crafted from durable stainless steel and undergo an extensive supervised production process to ensure the supreme quality of every unit.

  • CE Certificate

    CE Certificate

  • Durable_Stainless-Steel_Components_1

    Stainless Steel

  • lotus flower icon

    Lost-lasting Relaxation

  • grey steam icon

    Soft Steam

DROP Series Electric Sauna Heater

Soft steam that resembles the traditional sauna

HUUM sauna heaters utilize a minimal amount of metal in their design, ensuring that the heat primarily emanates from the stones and not the metal. This approach enhances the concentration of healthful negative ions in the air, closely mirroring the high levels found in traditional wood-heated saunas.

stone placement

Step-by-step guide on how to place stones in the HUUM Electrical Heater.

  • HIVE Mini Series Electric Sauna Heater
  • HIVE Mini Series Electric Sauna Heater
  • HIVE Mini Series Electric Sauna Heater

Sauna heaters made in Estonia

The seemingly straightforward design of HUUM sauna heaters masks an intricate production process. We work closely with Estonia's top metal processors to guarantee supreme quality at every stage of production. Furthermore, we import essential raw materials, including stainless steel and electronic components, from reputable manufacturers renowned for their quality certifications.

HIVE Series Electric Sauna Heater

Handcrafted to perfection

The innovative design of HUUM sauna heaters presents unique production challenges. Not all stages of the manufacturing process can be automated, necessitating a personal touch to ensure the highest quality of our sauna heaters.

Take, for instance, the graceful arcs of our DROP and HIVE sauna heaters. Each one is meticulously handcrafted by our skilled metal workers. Every metal wire is cut by hand to precise measurements, then carefully bent to achieve the perfect curve. Our stainless steel sauna heaters undergo rigorous polishing and surface treatment processes to ensure a flawless and consistent final appearance.

CLIFF Series Electric Sauna Heater

environmentally conscious product design

HUUM's team of product developers and designers places a high value on eco-friendly production methods. This commitment is clearly demonstrated in the creation of our CLIFF and STEEL stainless steel sauna heaters. Crafted from a single sheet of metal, these heaters exemplify total material utilization. The cutouts from the STEEL electric sauna heater are ingeniously repurposed as ribs for the CLIFF electric sauna heater, eliminating any material waste. This results in the production of two stunningly designed sauna heaters, achieved in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner.

awards & certificates

  • Red Dot Product Design Awards

    DROP won the award in 2015, CLIFF in 2021, and UKU in 2021.

  • ISO 9001 certificate icon

    SGS Certified Producer ISO 9001

    ISO 9001 international quality management system certificate.

  • golden egg award icon

    Golden Egg – 2014.

    Bronze Egg for company graphics – 2014. Visual identity of HUUM.

  • Estonian Society of Interior Architects

    Estonian Society of Interior Architects

    Favorite of the Public – 2014. DROP electric sauna heater.

  • Product Design Award Bruno

    Product Design Award Bruno

    Readers’ Choice – 2014. DROP electric sauna heater.

  • Estonian Design Awards

    Estonian Design Awards

    Mentioned work – 2014. DROP electric sauna heater.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a sauna heater?

When selecting a sauna heater, it's important to consider various factors such as the room size (in cubic feet), your preferred temperature, and the sauna type. It's advisable to seek professional advice for a safe installation. As a basic guideline, allocate 1 KW of power for every 50 cubic feet of room space.

Do you pour water on sauna heater?

Instead of pouring water, gently drizzle it over the rocks. This method produces a better quality of steam and won't overload the room or your sauna heater. Most sauna heaters can comfortably manage a few ladlefuls of water sprinkled onto the sauna rocks, but it's best to do so lightly to maximize steam production. It's crucial to remember not to dump a large quantity of water on the rocks all at once.

How often do you change sauna rocks?

The frequency and intensity of your sauna use will dictate how often the stones need to be replaced. If you're heating your sauna at least twice a week, it's generally advisable to replace the stones every six months. However, if the sauna isn't used weekly, an annual stone replacement should be sufficient.

Can you use a sauna heater without rocks?

To create an optimal sauna experience, the quality of sauna stones is crucial.

However, not all stones are suitable for use in a sauna. Certain types of rocks have varying abilities to absorb and release heat effectively. It is important to avoid using rocks that are prone to exploding under high heat, as they can pose significant risks and are unsuitable for sauna use.

Is hot or cold water better on sauna rocks?

When it comes to enhancing the "Loyly" (steam) in a sauna, different techniques yield varying results. Pouring cold water on the sauna rocks generates more steam, creating a greater Loyly effect. However, this method also causes the rocks to cool down more quickly.

On the other hand, pouring warm water on the sauna rocks produces less steam, resulting in a reduced Loyly experience. However, this approach helps maintain the rocks' higher temperature for a longer duration.

Therefore, sauna enthusiasts can choose between these methods based on their preferences. Cold water provides a temporary burst of steam, while warm water ensures sustained heat from the rocks.

Is it hotter at the top or bottom of a sauna?

In the sauna, the temperature tends to increase as you sit higher up, and you have the choice to either sit or lie down. It is recommended to experience brief but intense sweating on the upper benches, making it more effective. However, for those without prior sauna experience, starting on a middle or lower bench is advisable.

What should I do after sauna heat bathing?

After a sauna session, taking a shower is beneficial as it cleanses the skin, closes pores, and aids in the removal of toxins released through sweating. Additionally, a cold shower following the sauna can activate cold shock proteins in the body, potentially assisting in fat assimilation and weight loss.

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HIVE Mini Series Electric Sauna Heater

HUUM HIVE Mini Series Electric Sauna Heater

From $2,422.50 USD
The HIVE Mini electric sauna heater is a compact version of the beloved HIVE heater, perfectly sized for smaller saunas. Its round design holds up to 170 kg of stones, delivering mild, lasting steam. Its durable stainless steel details assure quality and endurance. This heater proves size doesn't compromise performance, guaranteeing a top-tier sauna experience. Plus, it comes with a 5-year warranty and is controlled via a mobile app.


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