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Ice Barrel  |  SKU: ICE-RR-IBHT-002-B

Ice Barrel 400 Cold Plunge Tub

$1,297.00 USD


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The Ice Barrel 400 is an effective, compact and durable tool that makes it easy to incorporate cold therapy into your wellness and recovery routine. We’ve designed our product to fit most body types and almost any kind of home, gym or apartment.

  • Upright design for full-body submersion
  • Ultra-durable yet lightweight
  • Includes a step stool for entry/exit
  • For people up to 6’6” and 300 lbs
  • For those who prefer a taller, more relaxed upright position

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Get Colder. feel better.

Ice Barrel has become a go-to recovery tool allowing your body to quickly recover so you can get back to doing what you do best.

woman relaxing in ice barrel
Ice Barrel 400 Cold Plunge Tub

Effective upright design

The Ice Barrel 400 allows you to stay in a comfortable natural upright position. It also lets you easily submerge as much of your body as you want, even dunking completely.

Ice Barrel 400 Cold Plunge Tub


At 30.5 inches tall, the Ice Barrel 300 makes it easy to get in and out of your ice bath without a step ladder.

Ice Barrel 400 Cold Plunge Tub

Clean & safe

The Ice Barrel is made from linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), a non-toxic, BPA-free, medical-grade material. It’s non-porous, so it won’t absorb oils, toxins or other contaminants. Plus, it’s easy to keep clean.

proudly made in usausa flag
Ice Barrel 400 Cold Plunge Tub

Compact & portable

The Ice Barrel’s compact, lightweight design means it can be easily integrated into almost any kind of environment. All you need is about 5 square feet of space that can support at least 750 pounds (the weight of the Ice Barrel when filled 80 gallons of water).

Ice Barrel 400 Cold Plunge Tub

Quality design made in the USA

Incredibly durable to withstand the elements, yet lightweight and portable. Proudly made in Ohio by a team who is passionate about helping people feel their best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get the Ice Barrel 300 or 400?

Ice Barrel 300 and 400 are unique in their own ways. When considering which is best for you, consider climate, accessibility and how you will use the barrel. The 400 is taller and larger, so it allows for a more relaxed upright position — especially if you are over 6 foot 2 inches or 250 pounds. The 300 is shorter and wider, so it is easier to enter and exit without using a stepladder. The 300 is also fully insulated, so it might be a good choice for those who live in warmer climates.

How do I clean and maintain the Ice Barrel?

The Ice Barrel requires very little maintenance. We recommend changing the water every four weeks or as preferred. You can keep your water cleaner by using a water stabilizer. We recommend our Ice Barrel maintenance kit, which includes everything you’ll need to keep your Ice Barrel clean and functional.

How are Ice Barrels made?

Ice Barrel takes pride in the fact that their Ice Barrels are made in the USA using a very involved process to get the edges smooth and make the barrel extremely durable. Their Ice Barrel products took several years of research and development to arrive at the design you see today. The barrels are made using advanced rotomolding technology. Rotomolding is a production process that allows them to rapidly produce a consistent and high-quality product that customers love. Through this technology, they are able to produce highly durable, thick-walled barrels. This means that you don’t have to worry about your Ice Barrel failing or breaking down over time.

Will I fit in the Ice Barrel?

The Ice Barrel 400 comfortably fits most body types up to 6 feet 6 inches and 300 lbs, while the Ice Barrel 300 comfortably fits most body types up to 6 feet 2 inches and 250 pounds.

What differentiates the Ice Barrel from a stock tank, bathtub, or chest freezer?

Ice Barrel's team of industrial designers has spent years identifying and solving many challenges associated with cold therapy. The Ice Barrel is a cold therapy training tool that offers an easy way to bring ice baths to your wellness routine. With a lightweight design and functional features, the Ice Barrel is portable, durable, compact, and looks great!

Ice Barrel designed their product to fit most body types under 6’6″ and 300lbs, while also allowing you to sit in an upright position, which helps the body and mind focus and relax. Their Easy-Flow drainage system is designed to connect to a standard garden hose and allows you to easily drain the water in a preferred location.

How long should you soak in an ice bath?

We recommend staying fully-submerged in the ice bath for 2-10 minutes, depending on how your body responds to the cold. For those just starting out, try shorter dips and build up to longer ones as you get more comfortable. As always, listen to your body and don’t push past what you’re comfortable with. It’s better to build resistance slowly over time. Staying in for too long at low temperatures can put your body at risk for hypothermia, which is a medical emergency that occurs when your body temperature drops below a safe level (95°F/37°C). Dangerously low body temperature can cause heart failure and even death.

How do I clean and maintain the Ice Barrel?

Ice Barrel requires very little maintenance. We recommend changing the water every four (4) weeks or as preferred. Water cleanliness can be extended by using water stabilizers or treatments such as hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, or UV purifier. You can clean your Ice Barrel using your preferred soap or detergent.

How is an ice bath better than a cold shower?

With ice baths, you feel the effect immediately around your entire body, and you are sure that every part of your body is submerged in water. Activation of the body’s natural healing mechanism for general wellbeing works best with consistent cold temperature applied to the neck and abdominal region.

Consistent application of the cold, as well as the natural compression provided by water, is only provided by submersion. With an ice bath, you’ll be able to enjoy a deep, penetrating cold through your entire body and muscles. You won’t get this level of penetration from taking a cold shower.

What are the benefits of "Cold Plunging"?

Cold plunging comes with many benefits, including:

- Improved circulation

- Reduced muscle inflammation

- Boosted immune system

- Enhanced mood

- Increased metabolism

- Reduced muscle soreness

- Improved skin health

- Enhanced lymphatic drainage

- Boosted energy levels

- Improved sleep quality

- Stress reduction

- Reduced symptoms of depression

- Enhanced mental clarity

- Strengthened cardiovascular system

- Reduced chronic pain

- Improved endocrine function

- Enhanced recovery after workouts

- Reduced symptoms of anxiety

- Strengthened nervous system

- Boosted production of cold shock proteins

How do I chill the water and keep it cold?

Maintaining the water temperature greatly depends on your regional climate. For example, customers in Texas, Arizona, and Florida typically need more ice in the summer, spring, and fall months. However, customers in Canada and northern states will likely require less ice in the summer months due to colder temperatures and groundwater. During the colder months, many customers don’t need to add ice.

What if the water freezes in my Ice Barrel?

Ice Barrel has gone through extensive testing in extremely cold temperatures where the water freezes. Water freezing in the barrel will not harm the product. In order to keep water at the optimal temperature for cold water immersion therapy (40-60°F), we recommend using the Ice Barrel lid and cover during extended cold periods.

What is the optimum temperature for an ice bath?

Your ice bath temperature should be below 60°F (15.5°C). We recommend easing into your practice, allowing your body to get used to lower temperatures and building up a tolerance slowly over time. If you’re just starting out, start closer to 60°F and lower the temperature over a few sessions. More experienced ice bathers tend to use temperatures between 40-50°F (4-10°C) as their body becomes more cold adapted.

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Ice Barrel 400 Cold Plunge Tub
Ice Barrel

Ice Barrel 400 Cold Plunge Tub

$1,297.00 USD

The Ice Barrel 400 is an effective, compact and durable tool that makes it easy to incorporate cold therapy into your wellness and recovery routine. We’ve designed our product to fit most body types and almost any kind of home, gym or apartment.


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