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KOLO Bamboo Sauna Bucket With Straight Handle

$139.00 USD


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The modern and sophisticated Scandinavian design of the Bamboo Sauna Bucket flawlessly enhances your sauna's minimalist decor. This high-quality 1-gallon aluminum sauna bucket boasts a heat-resistant vertical bamboo wood handle.

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Renowned for its rapid growth and environmentally-friendly qualities, bamboo is a sustainable alternative to hardwood, providing lightweight strength for long-lasting sauna use. Each piece, impeccably crafted with a functional design, elevates the sauna experience.


Sauna buckets and ladles play a crucial role in the sauna experience. They are used to contain water which is then transformed into steam during the bathing process. The generated steam plays a key role in detoxifying the body by purifying skin pores and clearing the lungs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sauna bucket and ladle used for?

A Sauna Bucket and Ladle are commonly found accessories in traditional sauna cabins. They enable bathers to gradually pour water onto the hot rocks of the heater, creating a burst of humidity and inducing sweating.

How do you use a sauna ladle?

To cool down the sauna seats and walls before sitting, water is often ladled from the sauna bucket onto the designated areas. This practice helps maintain cleanliness and prevents the risk of burning the skin if the sauna is excessively hot. It also serves as a refreshing rinse for the surfaces before use.

Does pouring water on a sauna make it hotter?

When water is poured onto sauna rocks, the temperature inside the sauna does not actually increase. However, it creates the perception of higher heat due to the transfer of heat through water vapor, which directly affects your skin.

Should you wipe sweat off after sauna?

During your sauna session, it is recommended to use your body towel to wipe away sweat multiple times. This action stimulates your body to produce more sweat in order to replace the moisture lost. After you finish your sauna session, it is important to thoroughly wipe yourself down with the towel.

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Bamboo Sauna Bucket With Straight Handle mockup

KOLO Bamboo Sauna Bucket With Straight Handle

$139.00 USD

The modern and sophisticated Scandinavian design of the Bamboo Sauna Bucket flawlessly enhances your sauna's minimalist decor. This high-quality 1-gallon aluminum sauna bucket boasts a heat-resistant vertical bamboo wood handle.


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