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Dive into the heart of Finnish sauna tradition with our collection of Kolo Sauna Bucket & Ladles. In a land where saunas outnumber cars, KOLO champions the authenticity of Finland's beloved sauna ritual. With over three million saunas for 5.5 million people, the Finnish passion for sauna is undeniable. Embodying this spirit, our KOLO Bucket+Ladle duo, available in timeless black and white, are more than mere accessories. These inseparable companions come together in a harmonious package, where the ladle doubles as the bucket's handle, symbolizing their interdependent relationship. While they may not boast fancy features, they promise genuine Finnish quality: a bucket that remains steadfastly leak-free and a ladle that's sturdy and reliable. Simplistic, yet essential, let KOLO elevate your sauna experience, straight from the home of sauna: Finland.
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