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Harvia Wood-Fired Sauna Heaters: Everything You Need To Know (2024)

Harvia Wood-Fired Sauna Heaters: Everything You Need To Know (2024)

Jillian Le |

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There's something innately captivating about a traditional wood-fired sauna. The gentle crackling of wood, the aromatic embrace of the heat, and the authentic experience it offers. Among the leaders in this realm stands Harvia, a name synonymous with quality and tradition.

We'll journey through the complexities of Harvia's wood-fired sauna heaters, unveiling what makes them a recommended choice for sauna enthusiasts and those seeking the genuine warmth of an age-old tradition. Strap in; it's going to be a heated ride!

How to Make Wood-Burning More Eco-Friendly and Efficient

Did you know that the way you light a fire in your sauna heater also has an environmental impact? Lighting from the top of the wood in the heater is
the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient method, as this allows the flue gases to burn cleaner and produce as little smoke as possible.

Looking to burn wood in a way that's kinder to our planet? Here are some eco-friendly pointers to help you out:

  • Place the wood in the fire chamber horizontally, leaving about half of the chamber empty.
  • Smaller kindling wood and other kindling is placed on top of the logs.
  • Light the kindling from several angles so that the fire will burn steadily, proceeding downwards.
  • Use only dry wood, as burning wet wood wastes energy.
  • Soot that gathers in the fire chamber and the flue consume a lot of energy.
beautiful forest naturistic setting

Harvia GreenFlame: The Cleanest Wood-Fired Sauna Heaters on the Market

Harvia introduced the Legend GreenFlame heater in 2020, taking a fresh approach to how wood-burning heaters work. This savvy heater, designed with a new and improved fire chamber, burns wood cleaner than ever before. In comparison to other heaters of the same size, it releases 20% less fine particles and a whopping 70% less carbon monoxide. That's a big deal!

Harvia isn't stopping there. They've teamed up with the University of Eastern Finland on a project called KIUAS-2. Their shared goal? Cut down emissions from these wood heaters and create a certificate that helps users see just how clean their sauna heaters are. Harvia’s GreenFlame is a testament to this mission, as they aim to slice fine particle emissions by half in the long run.

The GreenFlame isn't just about the numbers. It has a spacious glass door that not only looks stylish but allows you to enjoy the cozy flames inside. Plus, its innovative combustion tech and strong build promise a sauna experience that's as responsible as it is enjoyable. Cool, right?

How Harvia Green Flame Works:

1. Air is conducted through the ash box and the hatch to the fire chamber.

2. There, the air is mixed evenly with the combustion process, which leads to clean combustion.

3. The hot flue gases go through the channels in the top part of the sauna heater, efficiently transmitting heat to the heater frame, stones and the whole sauna.

4. The combustion gases exit through the chimney.

how harvia greenflame works in sauna heaters wood-fired

Choosing your Harvia Wood-Fired Sauna Heater

Considering a sauna experience but unsure of your heat preference? Let's break it down to help you pick the perfect heater to match the recommended temperature for your sauna. And hey, don't forget to factor in the size of your sauna as well!

For Those Who Love a Gentle Hug of Steam:

Some folks love a soft, steamy embrace. If that sounds like you, pick a heater packed with a lot of stones. This setup keeps the temperature just right - not too hot, just pleasantly warm - and the abundance of stones promises lasting humidity. Opting for a wood-burning heater? Consider adding a smoke pipe guard filled with extra stones. It's like giving your sauna a bonus steam boost!

For the Heat Seekers:

Some like it hot, and if you're one of them, Harvia's got you covered. Their classic wood-burning heaters, which carry fewer stones than their pillar counterparts, heat up the sauna in no time. And oh, the sizzle you'll feel when water hits those stones? Pure sauna magic.

So, whether you're after a gentle mist or a scorching heat wave, there's a perfect heater waiting just for you!

Considerations when choosing the heater power

Getting started with picking the right heater for your sauna? First things first, let's figure out the size of your sauna. Begin by measuring its overall cubic volume. Got a non-insulated square meter in there? Simply add an extra 1.2 cubic meters to your total. Oh, and if those cozy interior walls are made of non-insulated logs, you'll want to factor in an additional 1.5 for every square meter. It's all about ensuring you get the right fit and the perfect sauna experience!

harvia wood fired sauna heater mockup

Harvia Legend Series

The Harvia Legend is all about genuine quality and timeless appeal. Born from the legacy of Harvia, which began its journey in 1950, it now stands proud as the world's leading sauna heater brand. Each Legend product isn't just a heater; it's a handcrafted piece of art, skillfully shaped by Harvia's expert blacksmiths. So, when you pick a Legend, you're not just buying a heater, you're becoming a part of an epic sauna tale.

Now, diving into the experience, the Harvia Legend is like a trip down memory lane, reminding us of the essence of traditional heaters. Framed in aged steel, this heater is packed with stones. And these aren't just any stones; they're the heart of the sauna, giving off waves of generous steam, perfect for even large spaces. What's more, its unique design lets you sprinkle water over its entire surface. With so many stones absorbing the heat, you can splash more water, even at milder temperatures, ensuring your steam bath is always comfortably humid. With the Legend, it's all about savoring the perfect sauna moment!

Harvia Legend 150

Looking for a snug sauna experience? Enter the Harvia Legend 150. Perfect for smaller saunas, it promises a delightfully damp steam that's pure bliss. But it's not just about the steam; this heater is also a feast for the eyes. Its cast-iron-framed glass door lets the fire's soft light add an extra layer of warmth to the mood. And for those worried about setup? No sweat! The Harvia Legend 150 comes with adjustable feet to make installation a breeze. A cozy sauna session awaits!

Harvia Legend 240 GreenFlame

Imagine sitting back and getting lost in the dance of flames through the expansive glass door of the Harvia Legend 240 GreenFlame. This wood-burning heater not only offers a mesmerizing view but also guarantees an eco-friendlier burn. Perfect for medium-sized saunas, it promises a traditional, soft sauna experience thanks to its abundant stone collection.

At the core of this heater lies the GreenFlame fire chamber, revamped with the environment in mind. This innovative chamber manages to cut down wood combustion particulate emissions by a fifth and reduces carbon monoxide emissions by an impressive 70%. So, for those looking to pen their own sauna tale, the handcrafted Harvia Legend is the perfect starting point. Kick back, relax, and let the legend begin!

Harvia Legend 2-in-1 stove and fireplace heaters

Harvia Legend SL

Imagine a heater packed with a mountain of stones, all wrapped up in a sleek steel frame. That's the Legend for you! It promises a sauna experience filled with rich, moist steam that feels oh-so-smooth. Conveniently, the wood is fed into the heater from a chamber outside the sauna room. And guess what? The heater's legs can be adjusted to fit just right, and if needed, the glass door's opening direction can be switched up. All set for a chill sauna session? The Legend awaits!

Harvia Legend Duo

Imagine a two-in-one wonder: a wood-burning sauna heater paired with a fireplace. The wood gets loaded from a chamber outside the sauna, while the heater sits cozily inside. And, to make things even handier, you can adjust its legs and switch the direction the glass door opens.

With Harvia Duo heaters, you've got the freedom to arrange the benches as you wish. Plus, a safety railing ensures everything stays safe and sound. Fancy a hot water dip? Just attach the Legend water tank (sold separately) to the Duo, and you're good to go. And for that final touch? Dive into Harvia Legend's range of accessories to elevate your sauna moments even further. Relax, enjoy, and let Harvia handle the rest!

Harvia Legend 300DUO

Looking to elevate your sauna sessions? The Harvia Legend 300DUO might just be the ticket. Ideal for medium to large saunas, it dishes out steam generously. Beyond its functionality, it boasts a sleek look with a sizeable steel-framed glass door, letting you peek at the soothing flames inside. And here's a bonus for those who love a robust fire: this heater's spacious chamber can handle longer logs, up to 47 cm! Worried about getting it set up? Fear not; it's designed with adjustable feet to simplify the installation process. Steamy relaxation is just around the corner!

harvia wood fired sauna heater in sauna

Accessories for Harvia Legend wood-fired sauna heaters

Harvia Linear 22 GreenFlame Series

Meet the Harvia Linear 22 GreenFlame: a sleek black wood-burning heater that brings both warmth and elegance to any sauna. Its expansive glass door offers a front-row seat to the mesmerizing dance of the flames, setting the mood for a relaxing escape. This beauty is perfect for medium-sized saunas and, thanks to the GreenFlame technology, it's eco-friendlier too!

GreenFlame's magic lies in its controlled burn, promising reliability and longevity. And when it comes to heating up the sauna, those stones don’t play around. They warm up the space in no time, keeping even the keenest sauna enthusiasts toasty.

Diving deeper, the real hero here is the revamped GreenFlame fire chamber. Crafted with clean burning in mind, it cuts down wood combustion emissions by a significant 20% and carbon monoxide emissions by a whopping 70%. It's a testament to Harvia's commitment to a cleaner planet, with ambitions to slash wood-burning heater emissions by half in the future.

But there's more. Fancy a hot bath after your sauna? The Linear GreenFlame has got you covered. You can heat up your bathwater with 20% lower emissions. And for a touch of customization, choose a model that vibes with your sauna's decor. Whether you want the water tank at the front, left, or right, there’s a fit for everyone. Plus, drawing hot water is a breeze with a tap conveniently located near the bottom. A perfect blend of style, warmth, and eco-consciousness awaits with Harvia Linear GreenFlame!

Accessories for Harvia Linear 22 GreenFlame

harvia wood fired sauna heater in sauna

Harvia Pro Series

Dive into the classic charm of the Harvia Pro series, perfectly designed for medium to large saunas, including those spacious log ones. Within the Pro range, there's something for every sauna lover. Some heaters come equipped with a water container, while others are crafted to fit seamlessly through the wall. A highlight? Harvia's renowned for heaters that offer consistent, long-lasting warmth that fires up your sauna in a jiffy for that ultimate relaxation session.

With the Harvia Pro, aesthetics meets functionality. Its sleek stainless steel front and top are a breeze to clean, complemented by chic black sides. And that glass door? It doesn’t just serve a purpose but sets the ambiance with the gentle glow of the fire behind it. For a touch of convenience, you can even switch the opening direction. Stability is a given with its adjustable feet, and when it's cleaning time, those nifty maintenance doors and the spacious ash box make life a tad easier.

Looking at the traditional lineup, models like Pro 20, Pro 26, and Pro 36 are the go-to for spacious sauna spaces. For those who fancy a warm bath post-sauna, models with a water container quickly get water boiling. Just mix with some cold water, and it’s bath time for everyone!

Then there are the special Pro 20 SL, Pro 20 DUO, and Pro 36 DUO models, blending the essence of a traditional wood-burning heater with atmospheric vibes. These are heated from outside the sauna, letting one add wood without stepping into the sauna space. Plus, the glass door doubles as a cozy fireplace view for the adjoining room.

In a nutshell, the Harvia Pro series is like a wood-burning heater wonderland. With a variety of accessories and flexible installation options, there's a perfect fit waiting for every sauna enthusiast. Ready to elevate your sauna game? Harvia Pro is the way to go!

Harvia Pro 20 ES

The Harvia Pro 20 ES is a cottage favorite and for good reason. Imagine this: a robust heater that pumps out generous steam, perfect for that authentic sauna experience. Right at the front, it boasts a handy 20-litre water tank. As the heater warms up the sauna, it's also warming that water, ready for use. And depending on one's preference, they can choose where the tap is placed on the tank.

But it’s not just about functionality. When the fire dances behind the cast-iron-framed glass door, it sets a mesmerizing mood inside the sauna. Built to last, it has a rugged fire chamber cover. The heater also houses a spacious stone compartment with a steel top, ensuring an even and sustained heat. Plus, with adjustable feet, it stands firm on any surface. And let's not forget its sleek look, wrapped in a graphite black finish.

Harvia Pro 20 LS / Pro 20 RS 

The Harvia Pro 20 LS and Pro 20 RS are super convenient heaters, especially if you love plenty of steam in your sauna sessions. Each comes with a generous 30-litre water tank on the side, so as the heater gets to work warming the sauna, it's also heating the water for you.

One of the charms of these heaters is the flickering fire seen behind a sleek glass door with a slim cast-iron frame. It adds a touch of coziness to any sauna experience. Crafted for durability, both models have a robust fire chamber cover and a roomy stone compartment, topped with steel grating. And no need to worry about uneven floors; these heaters have adjustable feet for stable placement.

A quick tip to remember: the Pro 20 LS has its water tank on the left, while the Pro 20 RS has it on the right. Along with the Harvia Pro 20 ES, selecting the perfect heater tailored to your sauna setup has never been easier. So, take your pick and dive into that soothing sauna experience!

Harvia Pro 20 SL

The Harvia Pro 20 SL wood-burning heater offers a unique feature: you can stoke the fire from one room while preparing to relax in the sauna on the other side. As the fire dances, its glow shines through a glass door, casting a warm and inviting ambiance in the room. Imagine unwinding in front of this cozy fire, knowing that on the flip side, your sauna is getting perfectly heated.

Perfectly sized for medium saunas, the Harvia Pro 20 SL promises an invigorating sauna experience. Thanks to its ample stone space, this heater ensures a delightful sauna atmosphere in no time. Worried about installation? The adjustable feet have got you covered, making it simple to find the perfect position for the smoke outlet. And if you fancy heated water, this heater can be paired with a pipe-model water heater.

One of the benefits of Harvia SL heaters is the flexibility in bench placement within the sauna. Plus, for those who like the added luxury of warmed water, there's an optional pipe-mounted water tank designed specifically for wood-burning heaters. Dive in and elevate your sauna sessions with Harvia!

Harvia Pro 20 Duo / Harvia Pro 36 Duo

With the Harvia Pro 20 DUO wood-burning heater, one can stoke the fire from one room and simultaneously watch the mesmerizing flames dance behind its spacious glass door, creating a soothing mood in the space. As the room basks in the warm glow of the fire, anticipation builds for the ultimate sauna relaxation just on the other side of the wall.

Tailored for medium-sized saunas, the Harvia Pro 36 DUO promises not just warmth, but an exhilarating sauna experience. Its generous stone compartment ensures a delightful and rapid heat-up, always setting the stage for the perfect sauna session. Installation? No sweat. Its adjustable feet ensure a seamless fit, making it a breeze to set the optimal height for the smoke outlet. And for those who love the luxury of warm water, the heater can be paired with a pipe-model water heater. Adding a touch of elegance, the heater's exterior boasts a sleek stainless steel finish.

An added perk of the Harvia DUO heaters is the freedom they offer in arranging the sauna benches. And for folks who appreciate a bit of warm water luxury, there's an optional pipe-mounted water tank specially designed for these wood-burning heaters. With Harvia, every sauna session becomes an occasion!

Accessories for Harvia Pro

  • Steel chimney WHP1500M
  • Protective sheath full WL550 (For Harvia Pro 20)
  • Protective sheath full WL750 (For Harvia Pro 26)
  • Protective sheath full WL850 (For Harvia Pro 36)
  • Protective sheath full WL750 (For Harvia Pro 20 ES)
  • Protective sheath full WL590 (For Harvia Pro RS/LS)
  • Protective bedding WL110
  • Harvia Paraffin Oil

harvia wood fired sauna heater in sauna

Harvia M3 / M3 SL

With a nod to timeless design, the Harvia M3 heater is perfect for small, wood-heated saunas. It brings a touch of tradition, ensuring the sauna experience feels authentic. Its steady warmth and clever circulation make for a delightful sauna session.

You can even add a pipe-style water heater to the mix. The M3 boasts a glass door, letting users bask in the gentle glow of the fire, enhancing the whole sauna mood. It comes in a sleek graphite black, topped with a stainless steel grating.

Now, for those who like to stoke their fire from the next room, the Harvia M3 SL is a game-changer. Users can enjoy the comforting view of flames through its glass door from the adjacent room. Just imagine, lounging in front of a warm fire, anticipating the perfect sauna waiting on the other side of the wall.

Designed especially for cozy family saunas, the M3 SL promises a quick and satisfying heat-up. Installing it? A breeze, thanks to its adjustable feet. And if you fancy heated water, the stove's pipe-model heater has got you covered. Wrapped in stainless steel, this heater is as durable as it's stylish.

With the Harvia SL heaters, there's more freedom in arranging the sauna benches. And if you need to heat water, the separate pipe-mounted tank makes it straightforward.

Harvia 50

The Harvia 50 heater stands tall as the champion for public saunas. Crafted to cater to large gatherings, its generous stone capacity ensures everyone experiences consistent warmth. This heater isn't just about warmth, though. Its steam carries the timeless essence of Finnish sauna culture. Ideally suited for places like camp centers, sports hubs, and service businesses, it boasts a chic graphite black finish.

Harvia Linear 16

The Harvia Linear 16 is perfect for smaller saunas, offering both warmth and a gentle steam. Its flames, which can be seen through a classy cast-iron framed door, bring a cozy feel to the space. Plus, the door is versatile - it can open from either side! Designed smartly, the heater's fire chamber and air channels ensure a speedy warm-up and a neat, clean burn.

harvia wood fired sauna heater

Harvia Water Heaters

Harvia cauldron 50 litres

The 50-litre cauldron from Harvia boasts a cleverly designed fire chamber. This design ensures efficient burning, directing the heat right beneath the inner cauldron for quick water heating. Plus, with a replaceable fire chamber, it's built to last. The cauldron's sleek exterior is crafted from stainless steel. As for its size, it measures 435 mm in width, 500 mm in depth, and stands 700 mm tall. Weighing in at 36 kg, it features a smoke outlet with a diameter of 115 mm.

Harvia cauldron 80 litres

Harvia's 80-litre cauldron uses classic vermiculite insulation, ensuring its exterior remains cooler to the touch. Dressed in a sleek black finish, this cauldron has measurements of 590 mm in width, 590 mm in depth, and stands 810 mm tall. Weighing 85 kg, it also features a smoke outlet that's 140 mm in diameter.

Legend water heater, 25 litres

The pipe model water heater, designed to pair perfectly with Legend heaters, efficiently heats your bathwater. With a 25-litre capacity, it's the jewel in the crown of any Legend-equipped cottage sauna. Its tap design is strategically placed away from the hot water tank and heater, ensuring safe use without the risk of hot water splashes. The heater measures 360 mm in width, 360 mm in depth, and stands 910 mm tall (with the water tank itself being 450 mm high). It weighs a manageable 10 kg.

harvia wood fired sauna heater closeup

Sauna Heater Stones

Olivine diabase

Olivine diabase, known for its sturdy structure and high density, is excellent at holding and releasing heat, ensuring a superb steam bath experience. There are two available sizes: AC3000 with stones measuring 5-10 cm, packed in a 20 kg box, and AC3020 with stones ranging from 10-15 cm, also in a 20 kg box.

White decorative stones

White decorative stones not only guarantee a gentle steam bath experience but also bring a crisp and clean look to any sauna. They come in sizes of 5-10 cm and are packaged in 10 kg boxes under the code AC4000.

Why you should change your sauna stones annually

  • Extends the service life of the heater
  • Saves energy
  • Keeps the sauna clean
  • Guarantees the best sauna experience


In conclusion, since its humble beginnings in 1950 under the guidance of Tapani Harvia, Harvia has transformed into a global beacon for sauna and spa experiences. They bring the authentic touch of nature into every sauna – a harmonious blend of wood, stone, and water. Harvia doesn't just offer a sauna; they offer a journey into the heart of Finnish traditions, where relaxation is paramount.

The therapeutic warmth of a Harvia sauna doesn't only promise relaxation but also a myriad of health benefits, from enhanced blood circulation and reduced stress to improved sleep and muscle recovery. It's a holistic approach to well-being that has stood the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if there is no draught in the flue and smoke comes into the sauna?

  • The brick flue is cold. Burn a few newspaper sheets through the sweeping opening in the lower duct of the flue to start the draught.
  • There is low pressure in the room caused by an extractor fan, another fireplace or other device. Ensure sufficient make-up air: stop the extractor fan/mechanical ventilation or open a window when lighting a fire.
  • The ash box is full. A full ash box prevents air circulation within the stove. Empty the ash box.
  • There are leaks in the flue connection. Seal the connection.
  • The smoke ducts of the stove are blocked. Clear the smoke ducts through the sweeping openings of the stove.
  • The flue connection pipe is too deep in the flue. Shorten the flue connection pipe and/or pull the stove and the pipe further from the flue.

What to do if my sauna does not heat up?

  • The sauna is too large in relation to the stove’s heating capacity. See the stove selection instructions.
  • There is a lot of non-insulated wall surface in the sauna. See the stove selection instructions.
  • The burning material is moist or its quality is otherwise low.
  • The flue does not have a good draught.
  • The smoke ducts of the stove are blocked. Clear the smoke ducts.

What do if the stones do not heat up?

  • The sauna is too small in relation to the stove’s heating capacity. See the stove selection instructions.
  • The flue does not have a good draught.
  • The burning material is moist or its quality is otherwise low.
  • The smoke ducts of the stove are blocked. Clear the smoke ducts.
  • Check how the stones are stacked. Remove small pieces of stone and stones that are less than 10 cm in diameter from the stone compartment. Replace disintegrated stones with large and undamaged ones.

What happens if my stones start to product smells?

  • If the stove is new, it may still have residual protective paint on its body. Carry out the first heating outside – more information in the installation and user instructions of the stove.
  • The hot stove may emphasise smells mixed in the air that are not, however, caused by the sauna or the stove. Examples: paint, glue, heating oil, spices.

What to do if the heater is making sounds?

  • Occasional bangs are usually caused by stones splitting due to the heat.
  • Thermal expansion in the heater parts may cause sounds when the heater is heating up.

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