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Harvia Electric Sauna Heaters: Beginner to Expert In 20 Minutes

Harvia Electric Sauna Heaters: Beginner to Expert In 20 Minutes

Jillian Le |

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The History Of Harvia

Tapani Harvia started Harvia in 1950, and now it's a big global company that's all about saunas and spas. When you step into a Harvia sauna, it's like getting close to nature with the mix of wood, stone, and water, giving you a calming retreat.

Did you know Finnish saunas are not just for relaxation? They're actually super good for your health! Research shows that using a sauna can help with blood flow, lower chances of heart issues and memory problems, assist muscle healing, make your sleep better, and lower stress. It's like a health boost and spa day wrapped into one. 

The main game-changer in a Harvia sauna? The heater. Think of it as the heart of the sauna. Harvia heaters are known for being top-notch – they look sleek, last a long time, and are energy efficient.

And, since Harvia loves nature as much as you do, they're all about making sure their products are earth-friendly. So, you can enjoy your sauna time knowing you're making an eco-friendly choice. Whether you're a sauna newbie or a seasoned pro, Harvia has the right heater for your needs.

tapani harvia founder of harvia sauna heaters

Harvias Vision

Over the past seven decades, Harvia has embarked on an impressive journey. What began as a humble heater and sauna venture has transformed into a leading force in the international sauna and spa arena. And the most commendable part? Harvia has championed sustainability from the very start.

Every product Harvia rolls out is crafted with two primary goals: durability and eco-consciousness. It's not merely about creating long-lasting products; it's a testament to their dedication to the environment. From conceptualization to production, distribution, and even recycling, Harvia ensures their environmental impact is minimal.

The main touchpoints where Harvia interacts with the environment and society are through their raw material sourcing, operation of production facilities, their role as an employer, and the lifecycle of their products.

And there's an added bonus: Harvia shares the incredible benefits of saunas with people around the world. Beyond relaxation, saunas offer myriad health advantages.

With Harvia, it's not just about offering a sauna; it's about a commitment to both the environment and global well-being.

Why Choose a Harvia Sauna Heater?

Health First

Harvia's products aren’t just luxurious – they're health boosters. They're all about spreading the word on how heat can be a game-changer for well-being. Plus, they're big on promoting the science-backed perks of a good sauna session. Who knew getting warm could be so good for you?

Smart, Responsible Indulgence

Harvia isn't just in the business of making saunas. They're big on guiding users to use products the right way, keeping responsibility at the forefront. They pour resources into R&D, aiming to craft products that are gentle on the environment and efficient on energy. And guess what? They're picky about their materials, ensuring they're sustainably sourced.

Green Steps

Harvia's all about taking care of Mother Earth. They're actively chipping in to battle global warming by consistently trimming down their greenhouse gas emissions. Their goal? Making sure their carbon footprint keeps getting smaller.

Community Vibes

Harvia truly believes in the power of togetherness. They’re all about creating a space where everyone supports one another. That means nurturing long-term relationships with their employees, customers, and partners. Safety? Top priority. Skill development? Absolutely. Equality? Non-negotiable.

harvia electric sauna heater lifestyle image

Benefits Of Heat Therapy

Heart-friendly heat

Did you know that chilling in a sauna a few times a week can be a big win for your heart? By hitting the sauna 2-3 times weekly, you can reduce your chances of heart diseases by 20% compared to those who just pop in once a week. And the more you indulge, the more you benefit - up to a whopping 65% reduction!

Source: Laukkanen, Khan, Zaccardi & Laukkanen 2015

Dreamy sleep

Ever struggled with sleep? Try a sauna session! Research has found that after a good sauna session, folks saw a 70% uptick in deep sleep in the initial two hours and 45% boost over six hours. Plus, folks found it easier to hit the sack post-sauna. Sounds dreamy, right?

Sauna = Workout

Sounds weird but it's science! The sauna's heat gets your heart all charged up, making it pump blood faster, giving your heart a bit of a workout without you doing any heavy lifting.

Source: Brunt, Howard, Francisco, Ely, Minston 2016

Boost your brain

Here’s a hot tip for memory lovers: Sauna sessions can help with that too! Sauna-goers who visit twice a week can slash their risk of dementia by 20% compared to those who only go once. And the frequent sauna fans (4-7 times a week)? They have up to 60% less risk.

Source: Laukkanen, Kunutsor, Kauhanen & Laukkanen 2016

Sauna for skin

Want radiant skin? Sauna heat amps up blood flow in the skin, making it feel nourished and glowy. You can come out not just relaxed but with skin that feels soft, moist, and elastic.

Source: Viinikka 2020

Muscle Magic

Feeling stiff or sore in your muscles? The sauna’s not just for relaxation but also for muscle recovery. Taking a sauna bath before working out can prevent muscle pain and boost flexibility post-exercise.

Source: Khamwong, Paungmali, Pirunsan & Joseph 2015

harvia electric sauna heater in sauna lifestyle product image

Helpful Sauna Tips Before Getting Started

Ever wonder how to make your sauna sessions more eco-friendly? With just a handful of tweaks, anyone can harness the warmth of an electric sauna heater in a way that's kinder to Mother Earth. Check out these hot tips Harvia recommends for a greener sauna experience:

Heat Retention

Fun fact - the warmth generated during a sauna session can be pretty useful. If the building has a heat recovery system or an exhaust air heat pump, that lovely sauna heat can help warm up the rest of the place. Talk about efficient!

Maintenance Matters

Keeping the heater in tip-top shape and swapping out its stones every year can make a world of difference. Fresh stones ensure the heater runs efficiently.

Timely Heat

It's best to dive into the sauna right when it’s heated up. Not only does this save on energy, but it also means a little extra cash stays in the pocket!

Door & Window Wisdom

Especially during the chilly months, be cautious about how often the doors and windows are opened. Every time they are, the sauna’s temperature takes a dip, and it requires more energy to heat back up.

Vent Vigilance

Got a vent for drying the sauna? Keep it shut during a session. This keeps the warmth where it belongs - inside!

Post-Sauna Heat Storage

Once the sauna time is over, ensure the heater's retained enough warmth to dry the sauna's structures. It’s a smart way to reuse the heat rather than letting it go to waste.

So, the next time someone’s gearing up for a sauna session, these Harvia tips ensure they’re not just sweating it out, but also doing a little good for the planet!

harvia electric sauna heater in sauna lifestyle product image

A Dive into Harvia's Electric Sauna Heaters

Ever thought about what makes a sauna session truly sublime? A lot goes into it, and Harvia's range of electric sauna heaters are among the top choices to ensure that every drop of sweat is worth it. With a blend of modern tech and efficiency, these heaters are crafted for the ultimate sauna enthusiast. Here's a little breakdown:

Wall-Mounted Heaters:

Space-savers rejoice! If the sauna's on the cozy side and every inch counts, Harvia's wall-mounted heaters are the go-to. Just as the name hints, they're designed to be attached directly to the wall. Some top picks? Check out models like The Wall and Moderna.

Pillar Heaters:

Ever dreamt of a sauna experience that's just...more? Enter the pillar heaters. Perfect for private sanctuaries, and versatile enough for some public ones, their secret lies in the abundance of stones they house. This means a richer, more immersive heat. For some of Harvia's best, look out for Cilindro.

Floor-Mounted Heaters:

For those who have a bit more room to play with or are looking to level up their sauna game, floor-mounted heaters are the ticket. Especially popular in larger spaces, these heaters also offer flexible installation options, including being nestled into a bench. Some must-sees? The Virta and Virta Pro models.

Combi Heaters:

Here's where tech meets tradition. The Combi heaters aren't just about the heat; they bring control over humidity to the fingertips. With an electric heater and steamer duo, users can fine-tune their sauna's humidity to perfection. To explore this line, dive into the The Wall Combi and Virta Combi.

So, whether someone's setting up their first home sauna or managing a public spa, Harvia's heaters promise not just warmth but an experience. Happy heating!

harvia electric sauna heater in sauna lifestyle product image

How To Choose The Right Heater For Your Sauna

Thinking about the heart of a sauna? That's the heater! Not only does it provide that glorious warmth, but it also plays a role in the overall look and feel of the sauna space. With Harvia's lineup of wood-burning heaters, there's surely a design that'll resonate with everyone's unique taste.

But before diving into aesthetics, it's crucial to understand what makes a heater effective. A lot depends on the construction of the sauna room itself. Here’s a quick breakdown of what to consider:

Room Size Matters

The power of the heater should match the volume of the sauna. A good rule of thumb? Aim for 1 kW of power for every cubic meter of space. But remember, this isn't one-size-fits-all! Certain factors can increase this requirement.

Window Watch

Got windows in the sauna? They're great for views and ambiance, but they can affect heating. If there are windows or any heat-storing surfaces, like brick or concrete, you'll need a more powerful heater.

How To Choose The Right Sauna Heater Power

Measure First

Start by finding out the cubic volume of the sauna. This gives a baseline for the kind of power needed.

Keep an Eye on Insulation

For each square meter of non-insulated space, add 1.2 cubic meters to your sauna’s volume. This ensures you’re not shortchanging the heater’s power.

Log Love

If the sauna’s walls are crafted from non-insulated logs, adjust the volume factor to 1.5. Log walls are beautiful but do require a bit more heating oomph!

By taking these steps into account, one can ensure they're getting the most out of their Harvia wood-burning heater, making every sauna session a blissful and efficient one. Happy heating hunting!

How Do I Control Harvia's Electric Sauna Heaters?

Looking to bring that perfect warmth to your sauna? Harvia has an impressive array of electric sauna heaters tailored for different needs. Let's break it down:

Traditional Touch

Harvia's classic manually-controlled heaters come with a thermostat and timer, both conveniently positioned at the base. Want something more? The Harvia Spot heater steps it up a notch. It boasts a wireless Harvia Spot control panel, letting users turn the heater on and off without any wired fuss.

Model E Heaters - Tech Savvy and Sleek

Designed for the tech lover, Harvia's Model E heaters can be paired with various Harvia control units. This grants users versatility in heater use.

Bonus? These heaters can be synced with the MyHarvia mobile app, especially handy for on-the-go adjustments. Being maintenance-friendly, they're ideal for new constructions.

XE Series - Advanced and Adaptable

These heaters come with a cherry on top – the Harvia Xenio control panel. It's been revamped for ease and can either sit flush on a wall or nestle inside it. This design allows for embedding the heater within seating areas if desired.

To top it off, there’s a separate accessory pack (purchased separately) to enable remote control via the MyHarvia app.

Going Mobile with Harvia:

Both E and XE heaters have a cool trick up their sleeve – they can be controlled remotely through the MyHarvia app. For the XE heaters, one would need the Harvia Xenio WiFi accessory pack.

For the E series, there's a list: the Harvia Xenio CX170, Xenio Combi CX110C control panel, and the aforementioned WiFi pack (for models made in 2020 and later). But don't worry about the newest Harvia Xenio CX170 WiFi and Xenio Combi CX110C WiFi units – they're ready for action without any additional purchases.

harvia electric sauna heater lifestyle product image xenio control

Harvia Heaters For Small Saunas

Harvia Vega Compact

Looking for the ideal heater for a cozy sauna space? Enter the Harvia Vega Compact. This little powerhouse isn't just compact by name; it's designed with smaller saunas firmly in mind.

Its user-friendly design shines with its ergonomic switches situated right at the top, ensuring that adjustments are hassle-free. What sets the Vega Compact apart is its ability to be positioned especially low on a sauna's wall. This strategic placement ensures that the heat it emits wafts evenly throughout the room. So, whether someone's nestled on a higher perch or chilling on a lower bench, they'll feel that toasty warmth.

Worried about the installation? There's no need. The Vega Compact is straightforward to set up. Just secure the wall rack, place the heater, and voila! And since it's crafted from durable stainless steel, it promises to be a stylish and enduring addition to any sauna.

In the world of sauna heaters, Harvia's Vega Compact truly stands out as a blend of design and functionality, perfect for those intimate sauna sessions.

Harvia Heaters For Family & Public Saunas

The Wall

Imagine a serene moment in the sauna, either surrounded by family or simply taking a moment just for yourself. Designing that perfect sauna begins with understanding the needs of your family, and at the heart of it all is choosing the right heater. Enter Harvia's family sauna heaters, which embody qualities synonymous with the Harvia brand: sophistication, user-friendliness, durability, and efficiency.

One of their standout models is "The Wall". Even though it packs a powerful punch with an output of up to 9 kW, it doesn't demand much space within the sauna. Crafted with a keen eye for functionality, "The Wall" boasts illuminated switches that stand out even in low-lit saunas, making it easy to operate. Its design prioritizes strength and longevity, with heating elements supported to prevent distortion, extending their life. Notably, parts prone to the rigors of heat and moisture are smartly positioned at the base of the heater, ensuring they last longer.

Installation is a breeze with Harvia's unique mounting/wall rack, which also ensures safe distance from the floor. If customization is what you're after, "The Wall E" model, paired with a separate control unit, can be seamlessly integrated into the sauna bench, allowing for a flexible sauna design. Plus, there's an option to add an embedding flange for those seeking that extra touch of refinement.


The Harvia KIP is a classic choice for many in Finland. It's a traditional wall-mounted heater that perfectly balances cost and quality, making it a trusted and budget-friendly option for sauna enthusiasts.


Harvia's Cilindro pillar heaters have become a trendy choice for sauna lovers. These stylish electric heaters are versatile, fitting effortlessly into both cozy family saunas and expansive public ones, thanks to their optimal size and generous stone capacity.

Their unique pillar design gives you the flexibility to style your sauna space, whether you want to nestle it within a bench or showcase it against a glass backdrop. With a sleek, stainless steel finish, these heaters not only perform well but also elevate the look of any sauna room.

And when it comes to controls? Harvia has got you covered. From traditional manual settings to state-of-the-art digital interfaces like the Harvia Xeno control panel, there's a Cilindro heater tailored to everyone's preferences. Just pick the one that aligns with your sauna dreams!


The Harvia Virta heaters are built for the true sauna aficionados. They stand out for their robust construction combined with incredible ease of maintenance, making them ideal for those who frequent their saunas and love long, steamy sessions.

One of the standout features of the Virta heater is its user-friendly design. All the connections are conveniently accessed through a hatch on the front, offering ample space around them. And here's a bonus: the heating elements are distinct from the stones. This not only prolongs the lifespan of the elements but also simplifies any replacement needs. In fact, if there's ever a need to swap out a heating element, the whole module just slides out effortlessly. It's evident that Harvia considered maintenance from the get-go when designing these heaters.

Controlled through a separate unit, the Harvia Virta delivers a gentle steam for those who cherish an authentic sauna soak. And with its range, from the standard to the more potent HL110 – which boasts a depth 7 cm more than its HL70 and HL90 siblings – there's a Virta tailored for every sauna size and preference.

Virta Combi

Meet the Virta Combi: not just any sauna heater, but a master of versatility. This combined electric heater and steamer offers you a buffet of sauna experiences. Fancy a traditional Finnish sauna? You got it. More in the mood for a steam sauna, or perhaps a herbal or aromatic session? The Virta Combi has you covered.

It's an ideal pick for those who have a soft spot for a moist, fragrant atmosphere. And if you're someone who loves to indulge in aromatherapy, this heater is made for you. It comes equipped with a soapstone cup to infuse your favorite sauna fragrances, and there's even a stainless steel grate for those aromatic bags.

Worried about running out of steam? With its generous 5-litre water tank, that's unlikely. Depending on the model you choose, you can either fill it up manually or let it refill automatically from a water outlet. And the best part? Using the Virta Combi is a breeze, ensuring a reliable and hassle-free sauna session every time.

Virta Pro

If you're looking to outfit a sauna in a spa, hotel, or apartment complex, the Harvia Virta Pro models are just the ticket. These heaters pack a punch with ample heating power tailored for such setups.

Their robust construction, coupled with heating elements split into two efficient groups, makes them incredibly durable. Plus, with their user-friendly design, maintenance is a walk in the park. So, for those high-demand settings, Virta Pro stands out as the go-to choice.


For those who cherish their sauna sessions and like them without the wait, Harvia's Forte electric sauna heater is the answer. Imagine stepping away from a stressful day and into a ready-to-enjoy sauna without the usual heating delay. With the Forte, all you have to do is lift its cover, sprinkle some water on the always-hot stones, and dive into your preferred sauna experience - be it super humid or a tad on the drier side.

But what makes the Forte truly unique is its innovative design. Beneath its sleek exterior lies a thermally insulated chamber brimming with hot stones. This design not only ensures a constant supply of heat but is also sculpted to be touch-safe, making it family-friendly.

And the best part? When not in use, the Forte smartly switches to energy-saving mode, essentially turning into a heat-preserving sauna radiator, ensuring no energy wastage.

Now, if precision control is your thing, the Harvia Forte won't disappoint. Its digital Harvia Xafir control panel lets you fine-tune your sauna conditions, including energy consumption. Even if you prefer having the control panel inside the sauna, it's doable! Plus, it’s smart enough to notify you if you've accidentally left the heater's cover open and will switch itself off for safety.


For those who host large gatherings or manage bustling sauna facilities, the Harvia Club heater stands out as the heavyweight champion. Tailored for extended use, this floor-mounted electric heater is not just about power but also ensures a comfortable sauna experience for everyone involved.

When you're catering to a sizable crowd, from dawn to dusk, you need a heater that’s both reliable and efficient. That's precisely where the Club heater shines. Its robust steel exterior is a testament to Harvia's globally recognized quality, guaranteeing longevity and top-tier performance.

But the Club isn't just about brute strength. Its thoughtful design, complemented by a separate control unit, makes it an excellent fit for diverse settings, be it upscale apartment complexes, luxury hotels, bustling holiday resorts, or expansive sports facilities. Even if you have a sprawling family sauna setup, the Club seamlessly fits in.

Harvia Sauna Control Units

When it comes to achieving the perfect sauna experience, Harvia's control units play a pivotal role. Think of these as the conductors of a symphony, ensuring every part of the sauna experience hits the right note, from the ideal temperature to the soft hue of the lighting.

What sets Harvia's control units apart is their commitment to making the sauna ritual genuinely enjoyable, starting well before one steps into the sauna. With an expansive range from simple manual options to state-of-the-art digital ones, they cater to every sauna enthusiast.

These controls can manage every electric aspect of a sauna, including its ventilation and lights, ensuring that whether it's just you or a group, the sauna is always set to your precise comfort level.

Easy upgrading of your sauna

Planning to elevate your current sauna setup? Harvia makes it a breeze. With the versatility to integrate with building automation and enhanced safety features like door switches, Harvia ensures every sauna session is both luxurious and safe.

And the best part? If ever you decide to get a new heater, there's no need to swap out the control unit. Just a bit of forward planning with the cabling, and you're all set for any future upgrades.

MyHarvia mobile app

For those who appreciate convenience at their fingertips, the MyHarvia mobile app is a game-changer. This user-friendly app transforms your smartphone into a sauna command center.

Whether you're adjusting the heater's intensity, dimming the lights, or controlling the ventilation and steamer, it's all just a tap away. And for those using the Xenio WiFi control units, the MyHarvia app is ready to download on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.


Meet Harvia's Xenio control unit: the modern-day maestro of the sauna world. It's the sleek touchpoint that effortlessly governs the heartbeat of any sauna, whether that's a classic electric heater, a combo heater with a steamer, or even an infrared radiator.

Its design is minimal yet sophisticated, allowing it to blend seamlessly into any setting, from the sauna room to the living space. And for those who prefer not to keep guessing, the control panel gives a clear sign when the sauna is primed and ready for use.

But that's not all. Paired with the MyHarvia mobile app, the Xenio WiFi control unit truly comes alive, bringing the full power of sauna control right into your palm. Picture this: adjusting the heat, dimming the lights, tweaking the ventilation, or even managing the steamer, all from your couch or bedroom. And for those who are tech-savvy, this app is available for free on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

harvia electric sauna heater lifestyle product image xenio control

Harvia Electric Sauna Heater Upgrades

Embedding flanges for heaters

Imagine a sleek stainless-steel flange, not just serving a functional purpose but adding a touch of elegance to any setting. This flange doesn't just shield against heat radiation, allowing for closer bench placements, but it also shines - quite literally.

With its built-in illumination, it not only offers protection but also stands out as a striking design feature, highlighting the heater in a captivating way. 

Illuminated embedding flange

This sleek stainless-steel flange isn't just about aesthetics; it's a guard against heat radiation. With its presence, you can design a tighter, more streamlined opening in the sauna bench. The upward-pointing LEDs play off the rugged texture of the stones, elevating the look of the heater, making it a striking centerpiece. 

How To Ensure Safety When Operating A Sauna Heater

Feeling safe significantly enhances the sauna experience. When individuals can move freely without worries, relaxation comes naturally. This is especially true for families with children.

While kids love the warmth of a sauna just as much as adults, they tend to be restless, potentially leading to unexpected risks. Likewise, safety is paramount for the elderly who use the sauna.

To prevent accidents and foster peace of mind, making the right safety choices is key. Harvia recognizes this and offers a variety of safety solutions for saunas:

Sauna Heater Safety Railings

These wooden barriers are placed around the sauna heater to prevent direct contact. Not only do they enhance safety, but they also add an aesthetic touch to the sauna. It's easy to lose balance, especially after a long, relaxing session, so having a safety railing can prevent unintentional brushes against the hot heater.

Protective Sheaths for Sauna Heaters

These are fitted directly onto the heater, following its contour, creating a unified appearance. They reduce the required safety distances, allowing heaters to be positioned closer to walls or benches while maintaining fire safety. Depending on the specific heater model, one can attach one or two of these protective sheaths.

In essence, with these solutions, Harvia ensures that everyone, from playful kids to the elderly, can enjoy a sauna session without any worries.

harvia electric sauna harvia electric sauna heater lifestyle product imagein sauna lifestyle product image

Harvia Sauna Heater Stones

Sauna stones might seem like a minor detail, but they play a crucial role in the sauna experience. These stones affect both the heat and steam produced in the sauna. Harvia, in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Finland, ensures their sauna stones are of top-notch quality, making them safe, clean, and ready for use.

So, what makes these stones special?

Well, they are handpicked from quarries that meet specific quality standards. This ensures that the stones can withstand high temperatures without releasing any harmful emissions. Harvia's stones not only handle extreme heat but also retain it efficiently.

Before reaching consumers, these stones are meticulously cleaned, ensuring they're of the highest quality and making them easy to replace. Plus, in line with eco-friendly practices, any stones that don't make the cut for saunas are repurposed for construction and other sectors.

Annual change of sauna stones:

  • Extends the service life of the heater
  • Saves energy
  • Keeps the sauna clean
  • Guarantees the best sauna experience

Rounded sauna heater stones

The olivine diabase sauna heater stones have a unique rounded shape, similar to the natural stones you might spot in large rapids, adding a beautiful touch to your sauna heater.

For heaters with a smaller space for stones, be it electric or wood-burning, it's a good idea to place these round stones on top of split-face stones. This setup enhances the steam creation process down in the stone space, preventing water from just slipping through. 

Decorative stones

White decorative stones ensure a soft steam bath and add a fresh and clean
touch to the sauna.

harvia electric sauna heater lifestyle product image


In conclusion, the nuances of a perfect sauna experience extend beyond just the heat. From the carefully selected olivine diabase stones to the design and safety features of heaters, every detail contributes to that ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Investing time in understanding and choosing the right elements, like the high-quality Harvia products, ensures that every sauna session is not only soothing but also safe and efficient.

So, the next time you step into a sauna, take a moment to appreciate the symphony of elements at play, harmonizing to give you the perfect escape from the everyday hustle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select the correct heater power?

The volume and structures of the sauna affect the selection of heater power. An average of 1 kW of heater power is required for each cubic metre of sauna volume. The power requirement increases if there are window surfaces or heat-storing surfaces such as brick, concrete or massive logs in the sauna.

One square metre of stone, glass or similar non-insulated surface increases the heater power requirement as much as if the sauna room volume were increased by 1.2 cubic metres. If the interior walls of the sauna room are made of non-insulated logs, the corresponding factor is 1.5.

If the heating capacity is too small, the heater needs to be heated longer and more intensely, which reduces its life span.

Which control unit should I select?

External control units are necessary for large heaters used in public facilities, but they are also well-suited for home use as long as the required electrical and sensor wiring is taken into account when planning the sauna.

Many heaters intended for home use are also available as so-called E models that utilise a control unit instead of operating switches on the heater. This is especially convenient when the heater is embedded into a bench.

How much space does the heater require around it?

All heaters have specific safety distances that determine how close the heater can be placed to walls and benches made of combustible materials. Greater heater power often corresponds with greater safety distances. The safety distance values can be found on the rating plate, the installation instructions, the brochure and the online product page of the heater.

The minimum safety distances must be adhered to in order to avoid fires!

Can anyone connect an electric heater to the power grid?

All electrical appliances that are fitted with a protective housing, that is attached by screws to prevent dangerous live components from coming into contact with one another, must be installed and serviced, in compliance with the regulations in place, by a professional, authorised electrical engineer or any such other knowledgeable person.

Can anyone replace a broken heating element?

All electrical appliances that are fitted with a protective housing that is attached by screws to prevent dangerous live components from coming into contact with one another must be installed and serviced, in compliance with the regulations in place, by a professional, authorised electrical engineer or any such other knowledgeable person.

Where can I install a digital control panel for the heater?

The control panel is splash-proof and has a low voltage. It can be installed in the washroom, the dressing room or the living area, for example. If the control panel is installed in the sauna, it should be placed no closer than the minimum safety distance from the heater and no higher than one metre from the floor. Keep out of reach of children.

Can an electric heater be equipped with mobile phone-operated remote control?

The sauna must always be checked before the heater is turned on. This is to make sure that no combustible objects are left near or on the heater. If you wish to have your sauna ready quickly, we recommend a heat-storing Forte heater.

Can the heater’s electrical circuit be fitted with a fault current protector?

A fault current protector must not be installed into the heater’s electrical circuit, as the heater is sufficiently protected when earthed. Fault current protectors are designed to ensure the safety of small electrical appliances, such as a coffee maker.

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